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Floral Wallpaper in the Dining Room

This major project is DONE!  Hallelujah!  I finally got all of the floral wallpaper in the dining room completely hung. It took awhile. Ha!  This room is roughly 30′ x 15′ so it is huge. I really didn’t want to be the one hanging this wallpaper, but there was no one else signing up to help.  Ha!  Deb DESPISES hanging wallpaper, which I totally understand. It’s not my favorite thing to do.  I asked around to see if there was anyone around us that does this for a living and of course, NO ONE does.  So, looks like I volunteered for the job. 

Floral Wallpaper in the Dining Room

I have hung so much wallpaper in my 58 years of living.  And, I’ve also removed a bunch in our previous homes, as well.  Wallpaper is becoming very popular again and I can totally see why.  It adds so much interest to a room.  To be honest, I started looking through patterns of wallpaper for the dining room probably 6 months ago. I just couldn’t seem to find the right color that blended with my woods and whites decor.  The patterns were always ones that I loved but the backgrounds always felt strange to me. The one I picked out and thought I was going to get had pink undertones.  As I stated above, this room is huge, so I sure didn’t want to go to all of this work and hate it.

I believe someone posted a pic on social media of one full wall with wallpaper in their bedroom.  I loved their wallpaper so much that I did a reverse google search to find it because they didn’t have it linked anywhere. It was from Anthropologie and something like $120/roll.  Well, that was out.  But, when you do a reverse google search, it usually pulls up similar items.  And, this was one of those.  I ended up ordering one roll to see if I would like it and if it had any funky undertones and if the flowers were actually brown and not gray.  It was perfect.  The background is a nice creamy color and the flowers are a true brown.  Which, as you know, matches my decor perfectly.

Why I chose Floral Wallpaper

Going into this project, I knew that I wanted our dining room to look romantic. I LOVE a romantic cottage feel in a home so that is what I was going for.  So, floral wall paper is what made perfect sense to me. When I was younger, I wanted my home to look like the pages of the Romantic Homes magazine.  Is that still around? It was my all-time favorite magazine and I had a subscription for years.  I need to look that up the next time I’m at the store.  Anyway this floral wallpaper added so much texture and interest to the walls of our dining room.

We still have a bigger project coming up in here.  So what’s next?

The fireplace wall will be bricked like the bricks we have around the fireplace itself.  And, they will go all the way up to the ceiling to make that area look more pronounced.  I am excited to see what that looks like.  We are waiting on the estimate to come in for that this week. So definitely keep watching for that project.  Also.. we will be adding the doors back onto the massive cabinet in this room.  I just have to wrap my head around sanding them.  I worked on one set of them and it took me 1.5 hours.  There are 18 doors some bigger than others.  UGH!!!  Wish me luck on that one. Ha!

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  • I love to see all the beautiful decorating you two do.
    Everything is so professionally done, I salute you.

  • The wallpaper adds so much character to the dining room. It even makes all the furnishings look better. Are you going to put the doors on the huge cupboard or leave them off?

  • Oh, I love this wallpaper so much! I need it for our primary bedroom! Romantic Homes used to be one of my two favorite magazines as well, along with Country Home. I think RH went bye bye, but if you find it somewhere, please post! You and Deb continue to inspire

    • Thank you! I think they did as well, but I see that there is a Romantic Homes Magazine Facebook Group. That may be worth checking out!

  • Get a library card, and utilize the Libby app to search for the magazines you cherished. It’s a free app. Love everything you and Deb tackle. Blessings. Thank you for taking me along on your decorating journey. ♥️

    • I have heard of people talking about the Libby app more. I may have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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