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St Patrick’s Day Home Decor Items that aren’t Cheesy

I love switching out my home decor quite often as you probably have gathered.  I also love to add a sprinkle of seasonal decor here and there and mix new items with my antiques and vintage decor.  When I decorate for the major holidays, usually our entire home gets an overhaul.  Days such as Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day are celebrated with a few small things. Because we are EXTRA here in our home.  This year, I found a few great St Patrick’s Day home decor items that aren’t cheesy and wanted to pass them along.


St Patrick’s Day Home Decor Items that aren’t Cheesy

Do you like how I added the “that aren’t cheesy” on the end?  Because so much of the St Patrick’s Day decor that I’ve seen are terribly cheesy and BRIGHT green.  We all know bright green would not blend in with my neutrals whatsoever.  Again, I like to add just a few seasonal things in with my every day decor to give the look of St Patrick’s Day without going overboard.

I love artificial plants that looks real. And, I found a few clover plants that are perfect for St Patrick’s Day.  Whether you want to dress up an antique cabinet and tuck a few plants between your collections, or add one to your kitchen counter.. these two are great options.  This one is a silk plant so it looks pretty realistic. It comes in a brown textured pot, which I happen to love. I think it looks fresh from the greenhouse.  You could obviously tuck this down into another planter, basket, or bowl if you didn’t like this look.  The other one that I found is plastic but still looks cute tucked onto a shelf, etc.  They both give a St Patrick’s Day vibe without going overboard.



Sources:  Silk Clover Plant / Smaller Clover Variety Plant

These cute little wooden shamrock ornaments have so many uses.  You can turn them into a garland or hang them on a small tree.  I used the jute string that came with the ornaments and added them to a wooden bead garland that I have hanging on my peg rail in the kitchen. I love the look.  These would also make great gift tags.  And, for some reason I thought of teachers. I’m not sure if you would do anything for St Patrick’s Day but you get quite a few of them in one package.  They even look vintage.


Source:  Wooden Shamrock Ornaments

Hanging a seasonal dishtowel on a peg or hook in your kitchen is a sure way to make your space look seasonal.  You can drape them over a drawer handle, your dishwasher or stove handle, as well.  This one is really cute as it’s filled with clovers and a cute Irish saying:  Irish kisses and shamrock wishes.  Plus the colors are a little more muted unlike a lot of the other shamrock dishtowels I’ve seen.

Source:  Shamrock Dishtowel

These shamrock dish trays are absolutely adorable. And since they come in a set of 8, you have an instant collection.  They can be used for not only jewelry, but as little dishes for smaller snacks, or as a reminder for vitamins that need to be taken later.  Stack them on a shelf for a cute look and they will be easy to grab every day.  Divide the set and give them away as gifts.



Source:  Shamrock Dish Trays

I LOVE snack trays.  They are so useful in your decor and obviously to use.  These shamrock snack trays look adorable displayed on our coffee bar. They will also look great leaned up against the wall behind another display in the kitchen.  Grab them for snacks in front of the television or your daily lunches.


Source:  Shamrock Snack Trays

Be prepared.  You don’t want to get pinched by not wearing green, so make sure to check out these two sweatshirts.  Ha!  When I typed that, I thought about the little boys in my class who used to pinch people so hard that it would leave a mark. Ha!  Leave it to bratty boys.  I found a green hoodie and another oversized corduroy sweatshirt that I absolutely love. I did size up in both because I like the oversized look.  They are both excellent quality.  These may even get a coat of stain to darken them up a bit.

Sources:  Green Hoodie / Oversized Corduroy Sweatshirt

I shared all of this over on social media and of course wanted to share here, as well.  If you like to see things in video form, check out this reel and this TikTok.  And, as always, thank you for stopping by.  I really appreciate it.

If you are ever looking for items that I have shared and you don’t know where to find them, be sure to check out this link.  You can find pretty much everything I share in one of these places.  Also… I do have a search bar you can use here on our website as I share most everything here, as well.

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