How to Make a Spice Cabinet from an Old Door

  1. Connie says:

    This spice cabinet is so unique! Tell Deb I admired her talent and what she can accomplish with a set of tools. I love her expressions I see on her face when she is speaking and her sense of humor. Danelle, I am so envious of your talent to whip a room into shape using unique pieces. Love your taste in old things and thinking outside the box. Both of you make my life more enjoyable reading about the things you do in just one day. Keep the stories coming for all of us to enjoy.

  2. It reminds of the door to the ironing board in my grandmother’s house in Milwaukee. The cabinet is darling. I’ve had a lovely time binge reading your blog on this Sunday afternoon. I’ve lived in two rentals. I had to paint too. I love what you’re doing to this rental. I can’t wait to see your new house.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh thank you. and I thought about that too, but it is a little wide for those doors.

  3. Roberta says:

    Thank you for sharing such a unique and beautiful take on making something new out of something old. It’s just perfect for spices!!! Where do purchase your tools, please?????

  4. […] The Woods and Ivy Cottage bathroom… for towels.  Also…. Deb is a spice girl.  We have a huge spice cabinet, but this could be used for the other cooking things.. vinegars, oils, etc, in the […]

  5. […] that we used as a spice cabinet.  We outgrew that.  I already told you about what we think was an attic door from an old house.  I knew the second I saw it that I wanted Deb to make me a spice cabinet out of […]

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