Rental Kitchen Cabinets Before and After

  1. Lorri Thompson says:

    So beautiful, as always. I showed my daughter the before and after and she actually gasped. Thanks for sharing. Y’all never fail to inspire. 🙂

  2. Wendy Cross says:

    …and you’ve lived there less than a week! Amazing! I love everything and have gotten some great ideas about how to spruce up my kitchen. Great job!

  3. Joanne Kingsbury says:

    Amazing job ladies!! Loved your old home & can’t wait to see your new build. hang in there…

  4. April Johnson says:

    OH! MY! GOSH! I don’t know why I am so surprised when I have seen what you did to your last house. I guess part of the reason is the short time-frame & the low cost to make this kitchen magazine ready! WOW! I cant wait to see the rest as you go….AND the camper! BTW, waaayyy late Happy Birthday Danelle!!

  5. Alison says:

    Wow! You move fast! Looks fantastic! That new island is lovely!

  6. ellen cousar says:

    One word! Fantastic! Can’t wait to see the rest. And, yes Wal-Mart has some good stuff. I have even bought a few casual clothes there. 😉

  7. Paula J Wise says:

    You and Deb are amazing! The kitchen looks so nice and homey! I look forward to all you are doing! It’s so much fun to watch you both on stories and see all the transformations!

  8. Lori Murray says:

    I could have sworn you said you use a Benjamin Moore or sherwin Williams white (I can’t remember the white?) maybe I’m thinking your old house do you recall? H-E-L-P????
    Lori Murray

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      ahaha The color on the walls are BM Simply White… the old house was SW Pearly White… but the cabinets are what I talked about in this post.

  9. Betty R says:

    absolutely breathtaking, Dannelle you did it again, what a beautiful space you have created with Deb. I can’t wait to see all the other rooms before and after
    and Happy belated birthday to you ????????????????????

  10. Connie says:

    You did a remarkable job on your kitchen. Both of you make such a good team. I hear you loud and clear about the storage unit. When I downsized in 2013 from a 150 year old house that had 10 rooms, full basement, full attic, detached garages that was 50 ft long (should to be horse barn) and a 10 x 16 she shed I had stuff like you. I went 5 rooms and no garage or basement (condo). My storage unit was 15×30 and was filled to the brim and so was my house. So I know what you are facing. But your girls are way younger than me (78) so you will whip that storage unit into shape in no time. Love your stories and pictures. Never bored.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Oh geez… I cannot imagine that move. Ours was bad enough. Thanks for the kind words.

  11. Monika says:

    Absolutely stunning, I started following you just a few months back and this is my “first move” with both of ( yes I swear I was also exhausted from YOUR move lol). The kitchen transformation is AMAZEBALLS! Did you use a brush or roller for the cabinets, I’m ready this month to pain mine 🙂

  12. Lisa says:

    As always, everything you touch turns out beautiful! Great job!! Love watching your journey.❤️

  13. Crystal says:

    Rental or not, while you are there it is your HOME. Why not spend a bit of time and money fixing it up? My son used to ask all the time; “Mom, why are you painting, wallpapering, etc?” I told him the same thing. Years later after he was grown, he wrote me a letter saying, he never knew we lived in crapholes…. because I always made them feel like home, and he thanked me! So kudos to you two for making this temporary house your temporary home.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      That made me tear up. It is so true. I absolutely cannot sit in a dump of a house while we wait. It’s just not in my blood.

  14. Donna says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow! I love what you have done. I understand why you need order and pleasant surroundings. I recharge at home and it needs to be astatically pleasant for me to do that. I love seeing what you have done and always enjoy your style. I can’t wait
    to see what is next.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      YES! That is exactly … I need things to be in order to be able to relax and feel comfortable.

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  16. Shanna says:

    Looks amazing!! Would you recommend the Kilz paint/primer still? I want to paint my kitchen cabinets but I’m so unsure of what paint to use. I cook a lot so I need something that will hold up well. I’ve read so much and now I’m overwhelmed. Thanks so much!!

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