Laundry Area and Celluloid Hand Mirror Collection

  1. Carole Prisk says:

    Laundry room looks great. Love all your collections.

  2. SUSAN R SLIGHT says:

    I’ve collected celluloid items including mirrors as well but expanded to include trinket and dresser boxes, hair receivers, trays and my most prized piece, a gentleman’s dresser piece – a watch and jewelry “safe” It’s pretty awesome. It looks sort of like an old victorian record player/cabinet with a special compartment to hold a pocket watch and a lidded top that has an area to hold other jewelry, such as cuff links, watch chain/fob, etc. If you’d like to see it, let me know. I’ve been enjoying following you both on IG and now your blog!

  3. Emily says:

    I also have a collection of chamber pots. Glad someone else also loves them!

  4. Teddee Grace says:

    You have such an interesting and quixotic way of displaying your treasures that makes me continue to peruse the details for some time….the mirrors and chamber pots, of course, but the clock, the sign, the thermometer, the clothes pins, the sad iron…and what are those clear chunks of glass in the wooden bowl? I like all your collections! Don’t get talked into getting rid of them. They are what makes a home interesting.

  5. […] top above our washer and dryer here in the cottage bathroom/laundry room.  I first shared my celluloid mirror collection and my chamber pots this past fall and loved the look.  It is so funny.  I have had this chamber pot […]

  6. Amanda Mullins says:

    My husband loves collecting chamber pots also. I use an old enamel one ,with the lid and wire bale handle, in the utility room to hold my laundry dibs.

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