Quick Neutral Fall Coffee Table Decor

  1. April Johnson says:

    Howdy! I love how you decorate for the seasons or Holidays with neutrals so everything still looks so cozy & doesn’t make your mind go %$%# 🙂 with colors!
    I follow you on Instagram too & one day you mentioned why you wear sweaters – that you’ve never lived where there was just a cement pad rather than a basement or crawl space and it feels cool/damp. We recently purchased a fixer-upper that we will renovate for the next couple of years & then retire there. Well it is built on a cement pad, no basement or crawl space, with electric base-board heat. We want to change that to forced-air, however, I keep going back to the floor being cold, especially in winter as ours are much like yours – long & very cold with below zero temps & wind chills. I almost feel like the base-board heat would help with the floor warmth. Would you mind expanding a little on your feelings of coolness, etc on a cement pad?
    Thanks so much & I have also loved watching the Squatters Camp project!!

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