This pergola swing has been an ongoing project.  Do you remember when we started this.  I believe it was July 4 weekend.  Then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  Honestly, the project got put on hold for WEEKS because of the mud around that area.  We then got the brick pad done under it using old street bricks and pavers.  Then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights again.  ????  Basically, we could have completed this project way before now.  But, it worked out for the best.  

I have told you before that I get an idea in my head, and I tell Deb.  She usually puts her twist on it and changes things at bit.  So when we you see a project here, it’s both of us who brainstormed the idea.  We are both pretty extra on our projects, but Deb is EXTRA extra.  It’s why we do a lot of things ourselves, because a contractor would look at us like we were nuts 99% of the time.   

So…  I have always wanted patio lights strung around the pergola swing.  They look so pretty all over in the woods.  Deb had this idea of hanging a light on the pergola, too.  She was at Lowes recently and grabbed this clear glass pendant.  Because she wanted to add it to the pergola swing.  And that’s exactly what she did.  



Lights Around the Pergola Swing

Like I said, I wanted to add patio string lights around the top.  We strung them on the outside and both stood back and laughed.  They made it look like it was some type of circus ride.  So we decided to drape them between the beams at the top and liked it a lot better.  Deb then got to work on her pendant light.  She ran a wire to the electrical post we have in the woods in that area.  I am so glad we added that early on as it has come in very handy.



We will switch this bulb out for a nightlight bulb so that it isn’t blaring bright.  And for those asking, there is a piece of plexiglass over the top of the pergola so that the light will will remain dry.


We added a few more extras!

We absolutely loved the idea of a gas fire pit in front of the swing.  The brick area is big enough to handle one.  We love sitting out there and will be able to enjoy it a little longer and later in the season.   I think this fire pit looked so cool in the space because it’s white…. ????????  and it’s very simple design-wise.


I, of course, added a swing pad for comfort.  And, I always have pillows and a throw on my swings to make it look cozy.  (Yes, we take these items in when it rains.)  

Click the pics for a link!



I absolutely love how this project turned out.  We have so many other projects coming up similar to this.  It has been so fun planning and following through with the different projects we have done!

What do you think?


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