Antique Chandeliers in the kitchen

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Antique Chandeliers in our Kitchen

Man, am I behind on catching you all up with our projects.  We recently took a trip to see my sister in North Carolina and I found the prettiest vintage chandelier on the drive home. I wanted antique chandeliers in our kitchen from the very beginning. But I knew it would be way too hard […]

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Replacing Cold Air Return Covers

I am all about the details.  When flipping homes and even decorating our own homes, I like to pay attention to the small details as I think it puts your home over the top. And, makes it stand out from others.  I changed this one little thing in two rooms of our home.  Can you […]

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Lights above pantry doors

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Lights Above our Pantries

If I could go back and do things differently, I would have added lights above our pantry doors from the start.  And, only because it cost so much more to do it after the fact.  BUT, we did it. We added these lights above our pantry doors this week and I absolutely love them. Lights […]

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Antique Bar Stools and Brass Foot Railing

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Our Antique Bar Stools and Foot Railing

When we originally started planning our new home, I had this vision for our kitchen.  I wanted to use an old store counter and add some antique bar stools.  But I didn’t know where I would find 4 matching antique bar stools.  Long before our house was started, we visited my sister in North Carolina.  […]

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Trim around windows and doors - Deb and Danelle

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A Closer Look at the Trim in Our Home

We lost count, but we have flipped 12-15 houses.  This is the very first home we have built.  It’s funny.  I’ve heard horror stories about building.  People telling us that they almost got divorced while building their home and that they would never do it again.  And then there is a handful of people who […]

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Pantry Wallpaper and Vintage Style Wallpaper - Deb and Danelle

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Wallpaper in the Pantries and Roundup of Vintage Wallpaper

Ever since we started the process of building our house, I knew I wanted wallpaper in the pantries.  Is it extra, yes!  But Deb and I are both a little extra, only in different ways.  I wanted to share a little backstory of my own pantries throughout the years. I bought my first house when […]

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200 year old antique fireplace in living room - Deb and Danelle

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Fireplace Mantel in the Living Room

Things are moving right along in our new home.  Did you see the pantry doors that I shared yesterday?  I am beyond grateful with how that project turned out.  It’s exactly how I saw our pantries in my head when the architect drew up two pantries for our new kitchen.  Well…  today I get to […]

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New Mission Craftsman Style Stairway - Deb and Danelle

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The Main Stairway is Done

  The crew that is doing the trim work in our house is doing such a great job.  They are responsible for hanging all of the doors, installing the pocket doors, hanging the trim around the windows and the baseboards, and putting the stairways together.  When they first started, he explained to us that stairways […]

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