Fall Mantel using Amber Bottles

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Fall Mantel using Vintage Amber Bottles

I love my vintage items, but you already know that.  Deb was at the storage unit recently, and she grabbed me a few of my favorite collections.  I shared a few other collections that wound up in the laundry room once she got home.  We moved from the old house into the rental in September, […]

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A Simple Fall Mantel with pumpkins

Fall Decor

A Very Simple Fireplace Mantel Look for Fall

We have been wrapping up several outside projects that are on our list:  the garden pergola, the garden itself, the chicken coop, the paths and steps to the garden, the back steps, and so much more.  And, as much I love working outside, I’ve really been itching to get inside to start my fall decor.  […]

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Decorating the Kitchen for Fall using berry stems and pumpkins.

Fall Decor

Decorating the Kitchen for Fall

Have you gotten a lot of fall inspiration around the web this year?  Or are you one who are still in 100 degree temps and simply not ready?  Either way, it’s OK.  I happen to start early because of what we do but I actually enjoy it.  Because it seems like I get to enjoy […]

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Fall Mantel Inspiration

In-feed Inspiration

In-Feed Inspiration: Fall Fireplace

Here is all the inspiration you need to create the perfect Fall vibe for a warm and cozy fireplace mantel! I found some great accounts and tips from both Instagram and Pinterest that I think you will enjoy just as much as I did. With Fall Decorating in full swing in our home, it’s time […]

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All things fall related

Fall Decor

Cozy Fall Items for Around Your Home

Have you started scouring the internet for any fall decor yet.  I know, I know.  Some of you live in places where it is still 107° and you can’t even walk outside without melting.  While I love summer so much because we of the longer days, I also enjoy the cooler mornings that we typically […]

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Fall Decor

Inexpensive Way to have New Fall Artwork

You know I love decorating for pretty much every season.  Some seasons are more elaborate than others.  I usually go all our for fall and winter.  After the holiday looks get put away, I like to simplify every room.  But, one thing I always do is switch out my pictures.  I found an inexpensive way […]

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Fall Decor

Antique Pieces that I Incorporate into my Fall Decor

If you have been around here for two minutes, you know that I love antiques. I also love fall.  Since we are sharing all things fall, why not combine the two.  I thought it would be fun if I shared the antique pieces that I incorporate into my fall decor.     Antique Pieces that I […]

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Fall Decor

Our Favorite Fall Looks from the Past

This is the first fall we will be living in our new home.  And, guess what today is.  It’s when I start all of my fall content.  I have so much planned for this season and cannot wait to share what has been going through my head.  A few weeks back I did a big […]

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