Mason's Vista Dishes

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The Story Behind Our Pink Mason’s Vista Collection

I shared a recent post on 5 tips on how to display and use your antique dishes.  And it got me thinking that I have never shared the story behind our pink Mason’s Vista dishes.   If you just stumbled upon my site, I have a series that I regularly share here.  Our antique pieces have […]

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The Story behind the Pieces - Our Candle Cabinet

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The Story Behind our Pieces – Our Candle Cabinet

You are probably thinking to yourselves, what the heck is a candle cabinet.  ????  I didn’t know what else to call it except that.  We store all of our candles in this cabinet here in the cottage.  It had several different lives before being our candle cabinet.  In fact, we used to call it a […]

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The cottage - Deb and Danelle

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The Story Behind Our Pieces: Antique Hutch

I have been sharing the story behind random pieces that we have been adding to the cottage.  Some of them we have had for YEARS and have been in several of our homes.  Some are new as of the last several years.  But, all of them have a story behind them.  If you have missed […]

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Large antique yellow ware collection

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The Story Behind our Pieces – Large White Cabinet

I have been sharing in a new series here on my site all of the stories behind our pieces.  I usually share one, possibly two, posts a week.  We have so many great pieces that we have had forever, and some newer pieces.  They all have such great stories.  Therefore, this series began.  You can […]

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The Story Behind our White China Cabinet

All Things Entryway & Stairway Landing

The Story Behind our Pieces: White China Cabinet

Whenever I look at our pieces, I think a lot about the story of finding them, what they looked like before, how much we paid, etc.  I have been sharing our antiques in a new series called The Story behind our Pieces.  I have shared an antique wardrobe, our bathroom medicine cabinet, our linen cabinet, […]

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Antique Liquor Cabinet - Deb and Danelle

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The Story Behind our Pieces – Our Liquor Cabinet

  I have heard from so many of you that you are loving this new series,  The Story Behind our Pieces.  If you have missed some of them, just search up top in the search bar those words and all of the posts will pop up.  I am really enjoying sharing them. This week, I […]

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Bead Board Kitchen Cabinet

Home Tour

The Story Behind our Pieces: Bead Board Wall Cabinet

I have been sharing the story behind our pieces of furniture, chandeliers, and lots of other things over the last couple of weeks.  Each of our pieces have a story that I would love to share.  I have shared our  antique wardrobe, the linen cabinet, an antique chandelier, and our medicine cabinet. We have been working […]

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Antique Chandelier - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

The Story Behind our Pieces: Dining Room Chandelier

Do you remember where this chandelier hung in the House on Winchester?  It was hanging above the stairway.  It happens to be my favorite antique chandelier that we have, therefore, it came with us when we sold the house.   We wrote it in the sales agreement that we would take this chandelier with us, but […]

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