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Spring Mantel in the Dining Room

Did you see the brick wall behind the fireplace in the dining room?  We had that finished last week.  I love the texture that it brought to the room.  It added so much interest.  We have another project coming soon in this area so I will for sure share. I’m excited about it. Anyway, I wanted to share my spring mantel in the dining room with you today.

Spring Mantel in the Dining Room

I love the layered look in my decor.  So that was my intention with this mantel.  I started with these vintage shutters with chippy paint.  The paint layers are brown, blue, and green. We got these years ago when we had our storefront. Some of our friends brought them in and asked if we wanted them.  Who would turn them down. Ha!  They asked if Deb would make a jewelry cabinet for them to keep out of one of them.  So she did.  He gave us the rest.

Backstory on these Shutters

There was an old building down the road from our storefront that was going to be torn down. It was an absolute eye sore but also a terrible hazard for anyone in the building.  The roof leaked in the center of this 3 story (I believe) building and ran directly through all floors.  The top floor was so rotten in the middle that there is no way anyone could walk anywhere but the outer edge.  These shutters were in that building.  He saw them and decided that he better save them from the tear down.  They were original to the outside of that building and I have two different sizes.  A few other ones are displayed in our home elsewhere.  I love the patina of them.

After I added the layer of shutters, I propped a picture of a downloadable print that I added to a frame I found at Hobby Lobby YEARS ago.  It was originally bright gold but I painted it white several years back. I loved the colors of these flowers as they not only look link spring, but they match my aesthetic.

I wanted some spring florals so I added these wispy stems that I found again at Hobby Lobby years ago.  They are in some vintage urns that I bought at a flea market when I was in my early 30s. I got the set of rabbits this spring which are now out of stock.  I love that they look like carved wood.  And then I added a few random candle sticks to this look. You may remember the one set.  Check out the project here in this post

Like I said above, we have something else we are adding to this space and I cannot wait.  Deb is also going to add some crown moulding to the top of the bricks yet, but one thing at a time.  She is in the middle of the entryway project now.  I will be sharing that soon, too.

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