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Antique Chandeliers in our Kitchen

Man, am I behind on catching you all up with our projects.  We recently took a trip to see my sister in North Carolina and I found the prettiest vintage chandelier on the drive home. I wanted antique chandeliers in our kitchen from the very beginning. But I knew it would be way too hard to find 3 matching ones to have above our island.  So, I did something a little different.

Antique Chandeliers in our Kitchen

When we were in North Carolina, we did a lot of thrift shopping and visiting local antique stores.  It’s what we do when we visit. I bought a few fun things and shared them in this post. While there, I checked the Facebook Marketplace in their area regularly. What was I checking for?  Vintage chandeliers. Like I said, I always wanted 3 in the kitchen because we have them everywhere else in the house.  A really pretty chandelier popped up in Chillicothe, Ohio, which is a town we drive through in our travel. It had all of the crystals along with the ceiling canopy.  Those are the things that are missing a lot from vintage chandeliers.

I watched this very large and gorgeous vintage chandelier all week long.  It was still available the day before we left to come back home. I knew it was a long shot, but I contacted the seller to see if there is any way she could meet us around the time we would be traveling through.  My estimated time was between 11-12. She said that she could take her lunch break any time she wanted so we were to let her know when we were getting close, and she would meet us right off of the highway.  

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it because it was bigger and prettier than I thought. 

Like I said above, we have antique chandeliers in every room of our home.  The only two that match are the ones in the bedroom.  The rest are completely different.  I have two in the dining room and two in the living room that don’t match, but I’m fine with them because they are similar.  However, I didn’t want three different ones in the kitchen. So, I asked Deb if she would hang the one we just got in the middle spot above the island.  And if I loved it, we could move the two matching ones in the bedroom on each side.  That is what we did.  And, I absolutely love what it did to this room.


These vintage crystal chandeliers match the rest of our home now and it honestly gives the kitchen an entirely new feel.  I had several people say that they can’t believe that we didn’t do this sooner.  And, I had a few people say they like the older ones better.  Needless to say, I like these a hundred times more because they feel like me.


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  • Fabulous. I have 2 similar chandeliers which belonged to my mother in law and they will be hung soon. One in the master bedroom and the other in my office. It is such a wonderful bit of contrast to my all "cloud white" walls and wood floors. I found a very interesting piece in LA just after the 1994 earthquake. I was helping a friend with her home which sustained terrible damage and came across this old, wrought iron fixture that had leaves and berries on it. She and her husband said "take it" when I showed interest in it. It was in my dining room in LA for years and now it will hang in my entry hall, here in Canada. Can't wait to see it there!!

  • Hello Danelle,

    I always check out your decorating posts. I particularly enjoyed this one about the chandeliers. I love the way you can mix the rustic woods with sparkling crystal! I think I have a little wife envy over Deb. I wish my husband would do some of the amazing handiwork and craftsman/woman work that she does!

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