Stairway Landing Reveal

  1. Barb Roudebush says:

    Love the finials! The railing is beautiful!

  2. Nancy L says:

    Love the entire thing… the position of the loveseat! You girls are so talented!!!

  3. Pauline Ann Hamilton says:

    Did you use a foam underlay?

  4. […] have two closets on our stairway landing.  One is a walk-in linen closet.  The other one is where we hang all of our paint and work type […]

  5. […] The stairway landing door project is done.   OK, it’s not DONE, DONE.  But Deb got the antique doors on the stairway landing hung.  Now I need to get my shit together and do my part.   I need to fill holes and paint the trim inside each closet.  She had to remove the trim work on both frames in order for the doors to hang level, etc.  So basically, I get the easy job.  I revealed the linen closet door a few days ago so I wanted to show you this whole area and how it has changed.  Remember what it looked like before? […]

  6. […] (the buffet) and kind of like it……… for now.  And moved my big calf picture from the stairway landing down into the dining […]

  7. Franki says:

    Did you use full room lengths or staggered length boards? I have done staggered lengths and frankly would like a quicker way to go – it’s a manufactured home so extra time spent on cutting and staggering would not really raise the value of the house.
    Initially we paid someone to install T& G pine in the living room and hall but I can’t afford that route for the other rooms. A friend and I did the T&G staggering lengths but I am leaning toward room length boards for reducing the labor. Also not T&G!!

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