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Styling my Peg Rail in the Kitchen

Ever since we finished adding bead board wallpaper and trim to the kitchen, I have been wanting to style this little area.  It is the outside wall of the pantry between the kitchen and laundry room.  We hung the peg rail and finished it right around the time that I started decorating for Christmas, so I literally hung a wreath on a peg and called it a day.  Now that the holiday season is over, I finally took a bit of time to style my peg rail in the kitchen.

Styling my Peg Rail in the Kitchen

I recently shared this entire area over on Instagram and TikTok.  If you like video form, check it out in either one of those places.

Check out this reel on Instagram.

Check out this video on TikTok.

One of my goals for this year is to use a lot of items in my home decor room and organize it a bit more.  So, I actually shopped my home decor room for this. P.S.  I am behind on my organization for this year which makes me a bit sour.  I’m hoping to get caught up today.  And, P.P.S. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be picking up fun antique items in the new year. Ha!. Anyway, I decided that I wanted a small stool or bench below to add some flowers or greens.  And, I had this little bench that I’ve had for years.  It used to set on the stairway landing at our old house, the house on Winchester.  I think I may have picked it up at an antique store. It has a little hinged lid, which I thought was cute.

I added a tall thin basket to the top that I picked up years ago, too. And I have no clue where, but I added some greenery to it.  This is the greenery that I picked up on Amazon and love it.  It has more of a wild look that I appreciate.  I then built the entire peg rail decor around that little bench of greenery.

Adding more to my hooks….

I thought it was a perfect place to hang a nice neutral throw with fringe.  And, I love it because it added a lot of texture and pattern to this space.  The white ruffle tea towel is old but wanted something to cover the light/music switches.  You can sort of see a corner of the plate sticking out at the top.  The little wire basket is a vintage collapsible egg basket. I think it looks like a little flower hanging there, which is perfect for spring.  It’s also perfect for when we go grab the eggs from the chickens.

Linked some collapsible egg wire baskets here!

And then on top of the peg rail shelf, I added a picture of a rabbit that I got from Antique Farmhouse last year.  I didn’t want to make it too busy up there due to the piece that we have hanging above the door way.  I didn’t want it to compete with that.  I’m sure this will be switched out here and there, but for now, I love how this little peg railing in the kitchen turned out.  It is exactly what I was envisioning when we hung it.

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