The Story Behind our Pieces – Antique Wardrobe

  1. Suzi Matteson says:

    I too have one of these. It was first a wardrobe for our first baby and a great place for storing diaper boxes. Later we took out the wood door inserts and added nice plexiglass and it became a great collectible doll display case. Eventually mirrors replaced the plexiglass and its now used for craft supplies. Oh, originally ours was painted green and on the back porch of the first house we bought to house yard tools. The piece was refinished and has served many purposes. Just love mine as much as you love yours.

  2. Jacquella Manuel says:

    Love antiques!! I have several that belonged to my grandparents and these pieces mean the world to me. To me they add character !!
    Thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait for the next piece!

  3. Pat B says:

    This was so enjoyable to read! Such a sweet idea! It would be fun to also see photos of the pieces in the “former lives”! One of the better things you have done, Danelle! Loved it. Keep on!

  4. Kimberly says:

    So … did you change up the finish on this beauty..? If so, I’d love to know what you did. Would love to see a photo of what it originally looked like when you first got it … but you prob don’t have one or you would’ve posted it;)

  5. Natalie Armstrong says:

    I LOVE the stories behind pieces. I am a fellow antique lover. But my most favorite piece in my home is my paternal grandmother’s wooden ironing board. I have it set up as an entry table in our living room. I love following along with you and Deb. I check in on you guys daily.

  6. Amanda says:

    ???????????????? Love this!!

  7. Vicki says:

    I’m so glad you are doing this. You have some beautiful but very useful pieces and not only do I like the history of them, but your thinking in how to use them!! Thanks for sharing !

  8. Mary says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!!!! I don’t care which one you pick to share the history but…..Just keep them coming! ????

  9. Sharon says:

    Loved the story. It looks like it is in great shape considering the repairs.

  10. Rhonda says:

    Our stories are so similar. I too divorced 22 years ago. I had begun collecting in 1977 after getting married. I took most of those piece when I left. I sold a few but still have many. They have traveled from home to home. At first I felt guilty for taking all the “good stuff”” but he remarried and the new wife was into modern crap. So everything he got was gotten rid of! I met my partner about 16 years ago and we love doing projects. Much like Deb, she’s very handy with the saw. We bought a home at a lake and gutted and transformed it to a totally different house, along with some help from an Amish gentleman that lives nearby. We employed him for a year before moving in. I even work in the same field with the same employer as you did. That’s how we found about about you two. We love watching your progress and can’t wait for the new build! I designed the home my ex and I built 2 years before the split up. It was exhilarating and exhausting, but sooo much fun. Would love to do it again! Keep up the projects and the antics, we will grab a cocktail pull up a chair and be watching ????

  11. Lee Brewster Kuhn says:

    This is a gorgeous piece of furniture! Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I love antiques & always try to find any back story on them if I can.

  12. Linda says:

    I’d love to hear about EVERYTHING you own because your taste in decor is the same a mine, wood and white, pure and simple and easy on the eye! I always look forward to your stories.

  13. Lisa Geraty says:

    I love that story! Thanks for sharing your memories with us, I can’t wait for the next one! Your pieces are all amazing.

  14. Tracy says:

    Hi Deb and Danelle! It’s Tracy, you probably recognize from all my comments on IG????! I haven’t followed from the beginning but for at least a year now and have loved getting to know you a little through there. I am on Essex with your feed and content. I love your style and how you can take something like this chest and make it so functional and beautiful. I have learned a lot from watching your renovations and makeovers. You are one of my top 2 followers. Love watching all of it come together!

  15. Debbie says:

    I am not sure why you are building a house because the cottage is looking amazing! I just love everything you do and it isn’t even my style! What a great idea for this piece! I wish I had the creative mind you ladies have! Everything is looking marvelous!

  16. La Donna Sullivan says:

    A great story about this antique piece & how you recycled it..It’s a lovely piece & am so glad u kept it…I really like it! ????????I also love how you guys have fixed your present home/cottage/workshop to live in..Yall????????❤❤ have worked so hard & made it yours..Yall are both so talented & smart! good luck????????????????????

  17. MaryLisa says:

    Such a great armoire. I use mine in my kitchen as a pantry but I’ve outgrown the space in it so I’m switching it up to hold my fabric stash and getting a new pantry built. I also love the medicine cabinet! Pure love and joy!

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