The Woods and Ivy Cottage – Update

  1. Paula says:

    It has been so fun following your progress. You have given my hubby and I the idea of doing much the same. We have been eyeing 3 acres in SW Florida where we want to be when we retire. We love being outside, but do not enjoy cold weather. It’s either going to be in SW Florida, or the mountain area in North Carolina. We have decided to build a 1-2 bedroom vacation house, which will then become a weekly rental/guest house once we build our home and retire. That way we have somewhere to stay onsite while the house is being built, and perhaps have some future income. Of course, the house will be out of our view so as not to see or be seen! I thought you’d like that! Keep on! Have a wonderful new year! Exciting things to come!

  2. Wendy Cross says:

    I’m so excited to watch this project move forward. I know you two will make it amazing. I was wondering what the square footage of the livable space is in the Barn versus the rental where you are right now. Will you have more space for awhile at least?

    Great job so far!

  3. MaryLisa says:

    Looking amazing! This will be your woman cave down the road….Enjoy and Happy New Year and thanks for all the fun this 2020. Love seeing your pics and blogs….

  4. Cara says:

    I can’t wait to see it completed! I love your style and I am hoping I can get some kitchen ideas from you when it is completed. It is my roadblock here in my own home and it doesn’t sound like you are too far away from me. Ohio is a good place to live if I do say so myself! 🙂

  5. Liz says:

    I understand one of the reasons for the increase in building materials was the number of forest fires out west which reduced the amount of wood available! Not sure about this but I did hear that!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Yes.. I understand the first part of the year, but not now. Our builder said there is no reason other than THEY CAN.

  6. Mary Sturgeon says:

    Love all the progress! So happy for the both of you! Thanks for taking us along on the journey of building ????

  7. Brenda says:

    Deb and Danelle. I am beyond excited for the cottage to be ready for your finishing touches. Wishing you both all things wonderful in this new year 2021. ????????????????????????

  8. […] you needed an update and get up to speed on the happenings.  I shared when the contractors had the walls up and the roof on, but that was the last time. Things are moving right along… not fast enough for us, but they […]

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