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This Week’s Antique Finds

When I see people share their garage sale or flea market hauls on social media, I am completely tuned in.  It’s fun to see what others pick up for a few dollars here and there.  It’s why I like to share my antique finds with you all here in this space.  If you love them as much as I do, you can click here to see ALL of my flea market and garage sale finds that I’ve shared over the last couple of years.  Now, onto this week’s antique finds.



This Week’s Antique Finds

I received a text a few weeks back from our friend, who cleans our home, that she was having her annual garage sale.  Someone brought some chippy sewing machine drawers to sell, and she thought of us right away.  Now, I know you are all probably thinking, “How many sewing machine drawers do you need in your possession?  Don’t you have some in storage?”  Yes, we do.  BUT, these are very detailed and gorgeous.  

Side Note:  We will hopefully be having a huge garage sale here in the cottage once we get moved in the house and figure out what we want and don’t want.  So, that may  make you feel better.  Stay turned for other details if you are local and want to attend.


Chippy Sewing Machine Drawers

Of course, we fell in love with them once we saw them.  The chippy paint and the detail on each side is gorgeous.  I have no clue where I will put them, but no doubt I will find a place.  These are perfect as extra storage on your counters for vitamins, pens and pencils, etc.  I paid $25 for this set.  They need some work.


Antique Stoneware Jugs

Of course, once we got there, we had to look around at the rest of the goodies.  I spotted these antique stoneware jugs high up on a shelf.  I love displaying these in cabinets or even on top of my antique cabinets.  She gave me a great deal on all three which are in pretty good condition.  The total was $35.


A few more antique finds….

I received a text from my dad asking if I was interested in the back of an antique couch. He was going to burn it but thought of us.  Of course, I wanted it, even though I have no clue what we will do with it. All I can say is that once Deb gets her workshop all set up, she will for sure come up with something.  She is very creative.


Once I got to my parent’s house, he had said he made a few items in his own workshop that I could have.  The first piece was out of more sewing machine drawers.  Again, I can think of a million things to do with this. 


The second thing he gave me was this cute little mirror that he made.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I think I will probably paint both of these pieces as he didn’t finish either one.  


Stay tuned to see where all of this lands in our new home!


Tip of the Day

Now, if you have been around for awhile, you know that I collect lots of things from yellow ware bowls to white ironstone, Mason’s Vista dishes to my antique spongeware collection.  I have so many collections that I started YEARS ago that I still enjoy.  For instance, my wooden spoons and my rolling pin collections were started when I was 19-20.  When I am tired of seeing them displayed, I will tuck them away for another time.

I completely understand living on a very tight budget.  Find something that you love to collect and always keep your eyes peeled for that item at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales.  My budget for antique wooden spoons was under $1 and antique rolling pins was under $2.  Most of the time I bought them for $1 and the spoons were a quarter.  It’s how I could still collect my antique finds when I was young but not break the bank.


Do you love seeing other people’s antique finds?  And do you collect anything?  I would love to hear.  Once again, I thank you for stopping by our website.  We both appreciate it so much!

Danelle Harvey

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  • When I was in high school I started collecting depression glass. I now have a complete set of green block optic! I love seeing what you two find when you are out on your adventures!

  • That mirrored piece your dad made is just beautiful!! I love seeing other people's haul!! Flea markets, barn sales, vintage...... it's my beating heart!!! I can't wait to see these pieces in your home!!!!

    • Thank you so much Rebecca. He has a talent for sure and loves to do things like this! But yes, I love seeing what other people find too. Thank you for the sweet compliment... we will be in there decorating SO SOON!

  • I love the hunt and find! The prices you find items amazes me. Here in Colorado much higher but that does not stop me. I love old crocks and white ironstone. Love seeing everyone’s finds!!!!

  • I love collecting, I also have a few sewing machine drawers and I collect the brown and cream stone ware. Living in the west I don't get the price you do. =). I've collected a variety of things for years. Thanks for sharing

  • I love collecting so many goodies. My standard answer from those who ask me when I find a piece that we must have "where are you going to put that?" I simply answer: "On our bed." They laugh, I laugh and we put it in the car. And the "they" in this scenario? My very patient, loving husband.

    Keep sharing - so inspired by you guys!

    • Hahaha when theres a will, theres a way! Theres always a place for something. Thanks for following along :)

  • Love your finds that you both find and create! My sister and I want to attend Springfield, Ohio next year. Love , cutting boards, wooden bowls , crocks,rolling pins too ! Of course really great furniture that has multi purpose! I’m redoing my Grams bedroom set that has been through myself , my daughter and a couple of granddaughters and is still a beautiful set ! I’m thinking of painting it and leaving the drawer fronts and tops of dresser and nights stands natural wood color and new hard wear :)
    Have you ever bleached wood ? Or can you recommend a stain and a nice white paint color you use when you paint furniture?
    Thank you for sharing and excited for you both to move into your beautiful new home !

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