Inexpensive pine wood flooring


Inexpensive Pine Flooring

If you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, you may want to check it out.  We have a rather lengthy list of things to do here in the entryway, and one of them being to install inexpensive flooring using #2 pine boards.    Yes, you read that right… good old #2 pine boards as flooring with knot […]

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Inexpensive Wood Flooring Using Pine Boards – All You Need to Know

We get asked all of the time about our wood floors.  People that see them in person think they are original to the house.  I have a post up about them already, but it’s included in with the entryway remodel.  So, I thought I would write a post specifically regarding our inexpensive wood flooring using […]

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Inexpensive Painted Pine flooring - Pine boards as flooring - Deb and Danelle

New Home Build

Our Pine Flooring is Painted

Well…the moment I have been waiting for.  Our pine flooring is painted. Deb keeps saying, “You are so excited about this part of the new build, aren’t you?”  Yes, Deb… Yes, I am.  I have several posts on our pine flooring.  I have an entire rundown of frequently asked questions that I shared regarding using […]

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Using pine boards as flooring - FAQs including cost - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Pine Flooring FAQs

 Using pine boards as flooring is something we have done several times throughout the years.  I have already shared a few posts about our pine flooring in the past.  The first post was when we were installing it in the entryway of our old house.  And the second post was a Q&A type of post.  […]

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Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Building The Woods and Ivy Cottage – Flooring

  Ever since we started planning The Woods and Ivy Cottage, we had absolutely no clue what to do for flooring.  If we had a crystal ball and could see how long we will be living there, our decision would be easier.  We could both handle concrete floors for six months or so, but I […]

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Home Tour

Dining Room Mid-Way Through

OMG…..   I’ve had kind of an “off week.”  We’ve been very busy with a few jobs and then throw a holiday in there….with a million “neighborhood” fireworks – while Ivy paces back and forth inside the house – when we are trying to sleep at night.  It’s been a rough week.  UGH!  This holiday […]

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Trending Products and Stories from February

We dove headfirst into all things Spring during the month of February and that included Spring holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Easter. Holiday items have been exceptionally popular this year, and I really think people are enjoying having something extra to celebrate. If something can bring joy, why not! Even we have […]

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Our 127 Garage Sale Haul - 2023


The Top 9 Posts in 2023

Here we are wrapping up 2023 already.  That went fast!  And, wow.. what a year! I dove into my analytics on our website and found the top 9 posts in the year 2023 according to you.  I thought it would be fun to share them, in case you missed any of them.  They include all […]

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