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Antique Trellis Idea

Are you up to date on the garden and chicken coop progress?  If you watch social media stories, you may be.  But if you aren’t, you have a lot to catch up on.  Make sure to check out all chicken coop related posts and the garden posts.  We have been working as much as we can on this area to get it done before fall.  The rush to get everything done in the summer here in the midwest is real.  Especially if you are a person who loves projects.  The summers seem SO SHORT and they go by so fast. It seems like we don’t have much time outdoors, but in all reality we do.  Maybe it’s because winter seems long.  Anyway, we came up with this idea for an antique trellis idea and I wanted to share.  Because I absolutely love how it turned out.  


Antique Trellis Idea

I love using antique items for different things than they were originally intended.  That goes for the inside and the outside of our home.  A trellis is something that we all need from time to time if you have a vegetable garden.  Do you remember when Deb made these planter boxes and added a trellis to the back of them?  We have a lot of these antique iron fence panels in our stash.  And I have been trying to figure out different ways to use them.  One of the ways I came up with was to use them as a trellis in our vegetable garden. 

We planted pole beans a few weeks back which need some type of trellis.  Of course, Deb was all for this idea because she wants the panels used and out of our stash ASAP.  Once we got a piece up to the garden, we quickly realized that it was really heavy and was concerned that it would tip over and squash our plants.  But after mulling it around in her head for a few days, she came up with the perfect solution and completed the job.



What you will need…..

All you need are a few bamboo stakes and some zip ties.  These bamboo stakes were also in our stash from our tomato trellises that I made a few weeks back.  I will be sharing that little project soon here because they are working out fabulously.  Anyway, Deb cut a few shorter to steady the back of the antique fence panel.  She pushed them into the dirt and zip tied them to the panel.  This may be all you need for those of you who have their gardens planted directly in the ground and not in raised beds like us.  

The dirt we put into the top of the raised beds is really fluffy.  Ha.  It’s the only way I can describe it.  The bottom of our beds are filled with wood from the wood pile so that it filled the space and can compost in the future.  So we couldn’t get a stake down as far as you could in the ground.  She ended up staking each side of the antique fence panel with more bamboo pieces and zip ties and created a very sturdy trellis.  We had a storm pass through a few days back and the winds were terrible.  That thing did not move.


If you don’t have a fence panel, you could use this idea with other items such as an old window frame which we have done before. You could use an old metal headboard, a fence panel, a garden gate, an old screen door.  There are so many options you could make a trellis from by using this method.  I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own garden and flower beds.  

Danelle Harvey

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  • I love your aesthetic and vintage inspired ideas for both your home and garden spaces. Those iron trellis are a chef's kiss! Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world; we are all much obliged!

  • Genius! I have iron gate sections along the back of my garden wall. Using them in this way is wonderful!

  • The antique trellis adds such a great touch to the garden! I love all the details you are adding to this outdoor space!

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