Antique Cabinet with Garland

Winter Decor

Antique Cabinet with Garlands

Do you all remember when we found this Antique Parker cabinet this past summer at a flea market?  I shared it again, decked out for Fall, in a post where I talked about how we clean antique furniture.  Since the Christmas tubs from the basement made their appearance this week, everything in this little rental […]

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Simple Christmas Decor

All Things Living Room

Simple Winter Decor – My Seasonal Decorating Process

We just got word that the builders will be starting The Woods and Ivy Cottage next week. Which means it won’t be long before we will be doing the finishing work on a new living space out in the woods.   Barns can be built really fast.  So, once the drywall is done, Deb and I […]

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Wardrobe decorated for Fall

Home Tour

Fall Look on Antique Wardrobe

Do you guys remember when we spent two solid days shopping at the Springfield, Ohio, Extravaganza flea market?  Oh my gosh… I’m sure I have mentioned a few times that we had THE MOST fun ever.  We brought home so many fall decor goodies.  One of those things was an antique wall telephone box without […]

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Halloween Themed Decor with Collections

Home Tour

Decorating for Halloween

Have you ever gotten sucked down a rabbit hole and couldn’t get out for a long, long time?  ????   Oh my gosh. That happened to me on eBay with their vintage Halloween decorations.  After doing an online search of vintage halloween decor, cool items from eBay kept popping up.  I saw so many things from […]

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Simple Pumpkin Fall Side Table

Fall Decor

Simple Pumpkin Side Table Decor

I have been trying to show you guys lots of different areas that I have been styling for Fall.  And remember, this house is small so I have to get creative with my areas.  I styled this side table a few weeks ago and shared it, but I plucked the ceramic pumpkin that I found […]

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Fall side table with collections

Home Tour

Fall Side Table using Collections

If you have been watching over on Instagram, you already know we need a refresh.  Our rental has been feeling very stale.   I explained our feelings in a post when I shared about the update on the house.  And, let’s face it, if The Woods and Ivy Cottage would start being built tomorrow, we would […]

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Deb and Danelle Fall

Home Tour

Simple Fall Decor using Collections

We have been struggling. If you are new here, we were planning a new build, and then things went south with the lumber shortage, prices, etc. ???? We decided to go with the flow and plan a different type of build – The Woods and Ivy Cottage.  Which is taking WAY LONGER THAN WE THOUGHT. […]

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Rustic Fall Coffee Table - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Rustic Fall Coffee Table Decor

Sitting in the woods around the campfire gives me lots of time to think… and plan!  I have so many thoughts and ideas going through my head all of the time.  To be honest, I have been feeling a little humdrum about this rental.  We wanted to be out of here by now.  We actually […]

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