Picture Light above our TV

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Our Picture Light above our TV and Several Other Options

I shared our Frame TV and all of the benefits of that a few years back in this post.  We love them so much.  When they aren’t in use as a television, you can turn them into a picture.  And, you can add any type of artwork that you want.  The television comes with a […]

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Three ways to style a coffee table.

All Things Living Room

3 Tips to Styling a Coffee Table

We are in full Christmas mode here in our home getting ready for the magazine shoot in a few weeks.  I have added lots of small trees here and there to get a good start on this year’s decor.  The bigger trees will be coming out soon with all of the twinkle lights, etc. I […]

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Turn a library table into a coffee table


Turn an Old Library Table into a Coffee Table

Do you remember when we got this library table at a garage sale and used it as our dining table in the old house?  Man, I loved that thing.  I was so excited when I saw it advertised at a sale on the marketplace.  And the price was unbelievable.  We actually had to take the […]

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A Simple Shelf Behind the Sofa

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A Simple Shelf Behind our Sofa

  This may be the slowest move in history.  And, I’m fine with that.  We have lived in chaos for so long that both of us have PTSD from it.  We had no storage in the rental or the cottage.  There were things tucked behind every piece of furniture, and we both got so overwhelmed.  […]

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Antique Repurposed Pool Table Lamps

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The Story Behind Our Large Wooden Lamps

I receive daily questions about our large wooden lamps.  You have probably seen several pictures of them here and on social media.  They were in the House on Winchester, the rental, and the cottage for awhile.  And now they are here at the house.  But, I realized that I have never shared the story behind […]

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Wicker Dining Chairs

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Our Wicker Dining Chairs

I shared this a few days ago over on our social media stories.  And, I knew our wicker dining chairs needed a space here on our website.  We are still moving everything in and as I have said before… we are moving slowly.  We are putting everything away as it comes into the house.  Because […]

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Family room Rug

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New Warm-Toned Rug for our Family Room

I found a new warm-toned rug for our family room and it works perfect with our woods and whites decor.  In my opinion, it is so hard finding a warm-toned rug so I knew I just had to share.  To be honest, everywhere you look, most rugs have gray undertones, which are not for me.  […]

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Antique Vintage Woods and Whites Living Room decor - Deb and Danelle

All Things Living Room

A Cozy Corner in the Living Room

I have said a million times.  This move is so much easier than any move we have ever been through.  First off, the new house is right across the driveway.  So one load takes so little time.  Second, we aren’t on someone else’s time schedule.  When someone else tells you when you need to be […]

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