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One-Piece Large Antique Cabinet

Do you remember that HUGE antique cabinet we found on the Facebook marketplace a few weeks back?  It weighs a million pounds.  It is so heavy that Deb and I had to round up some friends to help us move it.  Normally we tackle those things by ourselves, but given the fact this antique cabinet […]

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Early Oil Painting - Deb and Danelle

All Things Living Room

Antique Oil Painting

We recently bought this antique oil painting (and a few other antique pieces) from a friend.  I explained the story of why we are getting these pieces when I shared this an antique cabinet.  This huge oil painting was hanging in her large stairway wall.  She said she was for sale and I just knew […]

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Home Tour

Our New-to-Us Antique Cabinet

Did you hear the news?  We bought a few antique pieces from a friend.  There is story behind this, too.  But, first… how many of you are saying, “YOU don’t need another piece of furniture…” or “Don’t you have an entire storage unit full of stuff?”   Why yes… yes we do. ????  I can always […]

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Dining Table Spring Decor - Deb and Danelle

Spring Decor

Neutral Spring Decor in the Dining Room

I am pulling all of my spring home decor from hiding.  Truly… Spring is such a happy time for me.  Anybody else?  It feels like new beginnings.  We are finally able to see the light after long, dark winters here in Ohio.  Everything starts to get green again.  The woods will be filling out making […]

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Spring Mantel - Deb and Danelle

Spring Decor

Simple Spring Mantel

I told you that I was into decorating for spring.  Decorating is something that I have to be in the mood for.  My creative is strange.  If I am not really in the mood, it will not happen.  I can’t force it.  So when I started feeling like I wanted to add a little spring, […]

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All Things Living Room

Halloween Downloads for the Fall Season

I told you that we are having a baby shower here at the end of the month.  It’s for one of our girls.  I know it may not be kosher to have a baby shower for one of your kids. BUT… she has been gone from this area for 15 years.  We just both feel […]

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Warm Neutral Fall Decor

Fall Decor

Quick Neutral Fall Coffee Table Decor

  I already told you I was shopping for Fall decor. You guys most certainly don’t have to start decorating for fall yet.  BUT, I have a baby shower here at the end of September and have to be completely fall-i-fied.  The shower is going to have a Halloween theme because it’s her favorite time […]

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The Story behind the Pieces - Our Candle Cabinet

Home Tour

The Story Behind our Pieces – Our Candle Cabinet

You are probably thinking to yourselves, what the heck is a candle cabinet.  ????  I didn’t know what else to call it except that.  We store all of our candles in this cabinet here in the cottage.  It had several different lives before being our candle cabinet.  In fact, we used to call it a […]

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