Pumpkin Garland

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Pumpkin Garland in Majolica Collection

I was walking past this little cabinet in the dining room and realized I have never shown you this area yet.  We decided to move lots of furniture around in this little rental a few weeks ago.  Because we needed a fresh start and a fresh attitude.  ????  And slowly but surely, I’m getting it […]

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Fall side table with collections

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Fall Side Table using Collections

If you have been watching over on Instagram, you already know we need a refresh.  Our rental has been feeling very stale.   I explained our feelings in a post when I shared about the update on the house.  And, let’s face it, if The Woods and Ivy Cottage would start being built tomorrow, we would […]

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DIY Concrete Pumpkins Deb and Danelle


DIY Concrete Pumpkins

  We recently got together with a few friends over on Instagram.  And, decided we wanted to do some type of Fall DIY pumpkin project.  When we moved into this rental, last September, we put our Fall items into the storage unit first.  Because we knew we would for sure be here for Christmas and […]

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Deb and Danelle Fall

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Simple Fall Decor using Collections

We have been struggling. If you are new here, we were planning a new build, and then things went south with the lumber shortage, prices, etc. ???? We decided to go with the flow and plan a different type of build – The Woods and Ivy Cottage.  Which is taking WAY LONGER THAN WE THOUGHT. […]

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Rustic Fall Coffee Table - Deb and Danelle

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Rustic Fall Coffee Table Decor

Sitting in the woods around the campfire gives me lots of time to think… and plan!  I have so many thoughts and ideas going through my head all of the time.  To be honest, I have been feeling a little humdrum about this rental.  We wanted to be out of here by now.  We actually […]

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Front Porch Makeover Decor with QVC

    I have been compensated by QVC and ShopStyle for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.   This front porch makeover was part of the deal Deb and I made to each other, when we realized we would be here at the rental throughout the summer.  Remember… she wanted to […]

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Replacing the front porch columns

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Front Porch Makeover at the Rental – Porch Columns

Deb and I sat down several weeks ago and admitted to ourselves that we will be living at this rental longer than we care to admit.  We both talked about what we wanted to do in order to enjoy our summer here.  The outside areas are our FAVORITE.  Because if you watch stories, you know […]

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Patio and Porch Decor

  Since we have been stuck in the house for the last several months, I find myself wanting to have pretty spaces outside.  We have, of course, been working on our camper and sprucing up our backyard.  And coming soon is the front porch makeover. WooHoo!  I’m so excited about that one. Anyways, I was online […]

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