What to do with an ugly picture - Deb and Danelle Trash Tuesday

Winter Decor

Trashed Tuesday: Idea for an Old Ugly Picture

Who doesn’t have an old ugly picture somewhere in their stash?  I got an idea when I saw this picture on Pottery Barn’s website.  I was going to do this exact picture but didn’t want the frame red.  And I didn’t want to make the mirrored look because it looks gray.  And, then I wanted […]

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The Best Small Christmas Trees

Winter Decor

Affordable Mini Christmas Trees

We are officially in Christmas mode here in the woods.  Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing all things Christmas and several gift guides.  I have a few ideas that I cannot wait to share.  We still have several different Christmas trees in storage that I have collected throughout the years.   I will […]

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Antique Bottle Brush Tree Centerpiece - Deb and Danelle

Winter Decor

Antique Christmas Table Decor

Do you remember when I brought home this barrel top?  It is one of my favorite things.  The first place it landed was in the middle of our little round breakfast table.  I had it all decked out for fall with a lot of my vintage items and some artificial stems.  Barrel tops work perfectly […]

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Pottery Barn - Deb and Danelle

Winter Decor

Christmas Picks from Pottery Barn

  Don’t anyone panic! I am not decorating for Christmas yet.  Although that will probably happen in the next couple of weeks.  I am in full prep mode though.  I love to bring you holiday looks to make your house feel homey and cozy for each season.  The Christmas season is one of my favorites […]

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Home Tour

Winter Decor and Antique Mirror

Remember last week when grabbed those gorgeous 1920s pendant lights from the antique mall?  Well, of course, we had to look around to see if there was anything else that was exciting.  I spotted a beautiful antique mirror behind a bunch of other items that is unlike anything I’ve seen before.  I had to have […]

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Cozy Winter Decor

Home Tour

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

I had this urge to rip down all of the Christmas decor a few days after Christmas.  If I’m being honest, I had to talk Deb out of taking it down a week before.  ????   This little rental (1100 sf) started to feel very overwhelming and full.  I have a lot of “stuff” anyways… add […]

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Arranging Winter Greens

Home Tour

Arranging Winter Greens for Outdoor Planters

It’s a really sad time when I have to pull all of my summer plants and flowers from the pots every Fall.  The yard and porch go from looking very happy to looking bare and lifeless. I have been really itching to add an urn in our driveway at the entrance of the woods.  And […]

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Star Garland


Salt Dough Star Garland

I used to be a BIG crafter. I still like to do a handful of little craft projects each season just to spice things up a bit around here. I’ve shared before that I used to set up a booth at craft shows back in the 90s.  And… my friends and I had a craft […]

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