DIY Bird Feeder Stand

Deb and I made a DIY bird feeder stand out of an old cast iron light post at the old house in the woods years ago.  And, we loved it.  It keeps all of the different bird feeders in one location.  We had a porch column in our stash and Deb decided to make another one here on our new property.  We have shown this a few times over on Instagram and so many people were interested.  So I thought I would show you guys here.

In case you didn’t know, we are bird nerds.  We love attracting different birds to our feeders by trying different seed, jellies, fruits, etc.  They are so fun to watch all seasons, but especially during the Winter when there is snow on the ground.  I cannot wait to share that with you.  Anyways,  I wrote a post about the different feeders we have.  Check it out if you missed it.

It’s such a simple project and takes literally maybe 15 minutes.

DIY Bird Feeder Stand

You can really get creative with this DIY bird feeder stand.  Like I said, we used what we already had on hand in our stash.  Which was a porch column that was hollow on the inside.

She started by pounding a T-post into the ground.  She used a hollow log as a base, but you could use anything.. or nothing.  She wanted some interest and height.  And then added a piece of concrete over the T-post, which I think was some type of old grinding wheel that we also had in our stash.


We then slid the porch column over the T-post and let the bottom rest on that piece of concrete.  But, like I said, it could set directly on the ground if you don’t have anything to use as a base.

Deb spruced up the top of the porch column with a few different fence toppers to give it a little interest.  I think she made a piece for the topper to fit… I don’t know.  ????   But, you get the idea.  You can get as creative as you want for this part.

And then we added these fancy hooks which we found on Amazon.  They are currently out of stock but they have such a wide variety of really nice looking ones.  Oh, and I would suggest adding the hooks before you stand up the bird feeder.  But, we like to do things the hard way sometimes.  ????

Anyways… this bird feeder will more than likely be moved to a different spot, but we couldn’t wait to get it out here at the woods.

Danelle Harvey

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    • OMG... that's one of our favorite birds. We haven't hung up a feeder here yet but we sure will next Spring when it's time to come back.

  • Love all your stories especially regarding the woods???? But, of course, I loved the camper renovation before the woods work. I wanna see the inside of that old house. There must be other treasures in there, especially upstairs ???? Send a go pro or a drone up Or Deb????????

    • LOL... I bet there are a few up there... who knows. We may try to get up there some time soon.

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