Danelle’s Hash Recipe

  1. Veronica says:

    We make this as a Mexican dish and add canned tomatoes. We grind our own spices of cumin, peppercorn and garlic and add that to the meat and potatoes with plenty of water and then let simmer until water half or more gone. Sooooo good!!

  2. Carol says:

    I make this dish and add Some shredded cabbage. I then serve it with sour cream with a little horseradish mixed in. Delish!

  3. Karen says:

    I make a similar version. I brown the beef and onion in a beef bouillon or two then add potatoes and a whole can of green beans, juice and all. Simmer till potatoes are done. The person I got the recipe from years ago named it’dog food’????

  4. Mary says:

    Yes! I’ve made this for many years and my husband loves it. I don’t add any other ingredients. Simple is best, in my opinion.

  5. Chris Randall says:

    Well here in Arizona we put in a can of Rotel and chop up a few jalapeños and sometimes add chorizo then roll it up with cheese and sour cream in a flour tortilla. Mexican mash up!

  6. Buffy Keith says:

    I add a can of rotel to this exact recipe and a little but of cumin-you are correct, it is delish and super easy-we’ve always called it “Meat and Potatoes” but now we will call it Hash, lol, in honor of YOU GUYS! Yay, thanks for sharing

  7. Shelly says:

    I have made this and put a whole bag of frozen mixed vegetables in it. My husband likes it like you make it with A-1 on it. I like the cheese and sour cream idea. Now I am craving it and need hamburger to make it!

  8. Shannon says:

    I make something similar to this. I use chicken broth instead of water and add butter or oil along with bell pepper and onion. Cover it and then let the potatoes brown in the butter/oil. I add precooked, chopped sausage links. For breakfasts I add eggs to the top, cover it and cook 3-5 minutes. We love this for breakfast or supper.

  9. Crystal Brown says:

    My grandmother made a version of this she called stew. It actually had a formal name, but my brain seems to have lost it. It’s the same as Deb’s hash only with lots more water to make… well a stew. Or soup if you prefer. Whenever my hubs goes away for a few days I make this as a treat for myself. Sometimes I add celery, but I always add a tablespoon or two of butter just before I serve it… to myself. with hot bread. Because my husband wouldn’t be caught dead eating this. My Grams was from Indiana… as am I, and now I’m wondering if this is an Indiana thing? At any rate, it is SO delicious! To me it’s better on the second day after the meat and potatoes meld together in a flavor that only Hoosiers will love. Or maybe Midwest peeps. Cause we know how to EAT.

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