Big Decision Making Made Easy

  1. Jane Oliver says:

    The good news is you will survive all of it. I took prempro for ten years till doctors made think I was going to die of heart attack. So I suffered till about 60. One word of advice; try to keep the weight off. I’m 30 lbs over goal and it’s a bitch to lose at age 70. And the weight settles below my waist. I’m now a tight 16 in pants and a twelve on top. Otherwise it’s all good. And I no longer care what others think. I made a list and retired Jan 1. Best decision. Love your posts.

    • Linda says:

      Love your posts, sound so much like me. So now I know I am not alone. My biggest problem is that some of my biggest joys in life (other than my grandkids and family), like gardening, sewing, decorating my house etc,…I don’t really care about anymore !!!!! This worries me and saddens me. There are so many projects I could do, but I think, who cares ?????? But I will say, the other day when the sun was out and it was pretty warm (I live in southern Indiana), the sunshine did motivate me to get outside and I felt great. But, heck it snows here and rains, all the time anymore. You know, I think I need to move to South Carolina…….anyway, just want to say I enjoy your Instagram stories and blog posts, thanks so much…….

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Thank you so much. And that’s exactly how I feel when there is a lack of sunshine. It’s awful. I literally feel like just sitting in the house and staring into space. That is so not like me.

  2. Keating says:

    Honestly Danielle! I would have a tough time every day if I had to make a secession about leaving that gorgeous bedroom of yours! ???? I KNOW which side of the list would be longer!!????????‍♀️

  3. Violet Sparkle says:

    Please don’t stop your IG stories they make my day! I don’t even need a list to know that one 😉

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahaha I won’t stop at all. I love being over there. ???? One just never knows what can happen when there are others controlling things.

  4. Christine says:

    Love your posts on IG and I am a becoming an even bigger fan of the blog. This “decision making” post is helpful, timely and inspiring to me! Thank you!

  5. Darleene says:

    Believe it or not reading your blog can make the end of my day ????. I usually know when you break into a laugh it’s gonna be good. I wish my house was wired for sound, on my bucket list. Write a book, sing a song

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