The Guide to Packing an Old Lady Diaper Bag

  1. Pam Runyon in Menopausal Missouri says:

    Excellent. Funny …. and yet not since all are freaking, crazy true.

  2. Linda says:

    Lol, first of all I need a bigger bag……and seriously, what good tips…..and most importantly, try to laugh your way through this (but be sure you packed your fresh liners and undies)????????????????????????????

  3. Brigit Zdon says:

    Once again you got it all. Love the bag… the tweezers with the glasses is unfortunately so true! I have not peed my pants but these recommendations will prepare me for what is coming. Oh brother.. ????

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahahaha Exactly. It’s a nightmare we either have to laugh or cry about. ????

  4. Sheila Osburn says:

    You hit the mark on all!!! Great suggestions as well!! I love your description “pissey pants” ???? Thank you for talking about and bringing up ALL the ‘lovelies’ with this age that usually we don’t talk about! I thought I was a freak of nature ????????. I’m sharing with all my MF ( menopausal friends)! Great blog post!! Thanks????

  5. Mary Anne says:

    Now should we carry this bag or leave it in the car ! ????????????

  6. Wanda (athomeoncliffrose) says:

    And also add a small bottle of wine (preferably white because red can cause hot flashes) to go with the dark chocolate and /or miniatures of vodka to calm your nerves, just in case you get so annoyed with people you won’t want to knock the hell out of them. Optional-small jar of green olives to make a martini with the vodka.????

  7. Michelle G says:

    I had to pop in and read this because your laughter on insta stories lured me in. So funny, and I know this is helpful for women in that phase of life. I’m not quite there yet, but it tickles me to know that laughter is still there in the midst of all that life change. ????

  8. Suki Korp (kikisuliere) says:

    I didn’t need a diaper bag. No leaking problem. Until. My doctor prescribed a diuretic to help get my blood pressure under control. Now I am finding these suggestions to be more helpful.

  9. Mara says:

    Yep, you nailed this right on the head! Laughing till I peed…no worries though, I am prepared for those moments ????????????

  10. Jennifer Thayer says:

    There is a company called Mood Swing Wines here in Chico and you should look into them possibly providing small, emergency sized bottles of wine to place in ones Old Lady Bags 🙂
    Love you!

  11. Sandra Raeside says:

    Lizard skin lol ????

  12. Gerry says:

    This is all so true! I read on a diet website that one should drink half one’s body weight in water every day to help lose weight. Guess who has pissy pants every time she stands up?????

  13. Gerry says:

    I meant to say half one’s body weight on OUNCES of water!!!! Menopause brain at work!!!!!

  14. Carol says:

    Yup, you nailed it again! I love your humorous wisdom! You are a trend setter!

  15. Kim says:

    ???????? Theisens had sweatpants with pockets ???? I bought every freakin color! Sometimes I want to wear a sign around my neck, communicate at your own risk. Or maybe we need alittle digital thing that we can program personal messages? Don’t risk it-not today-I have a sharp object etc…

  16. Karen says:

    I am going to pack my bag. Thanks for the tips.

  17. Lori S. says:

    I should have known from reading the last post to not have food or drink in my mouth. I just about blew a Rolo through my nose.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahahaha I wish I had a rolo right about now. ???? haha they need to be added to this list.

  18. Bobbi says:

    Oh my gosh…everything you said here is true. If i dont have the problem, one of my friends do ???????????? I agree, we need to laugh our way through.

  19. Christina VanMale says:

    ???????????? ..i would also add breath mints or something else to alleviate old lady coffee breath! And, Rolaids might be right up there on my list for all the friggin’ digestive issues i now have.???? Otherwise..bravo! Love your stuff..

  20. Michelle says:

    Hahaha girl. You took my idea to the next level!!! The old lady diaper bag is a legit need for us 50-plusers!! Love how you keep it real. If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry. Thanks for being you!! oxox

  21. Cathy says:

    How the heck am I going to lift my bag with this darned arthritis in my back?????
    Great ideas, fun read! Thanks, Danelle!

  22. Robin Dickson says:

    Love this post it is dead on???? You really hit all the things you need. I add in the original Wet Wipes because it never fails if I wear a white shirt I am going to end up where I’m going with coffee on the front of my shirt and I never know I do it til I get there and look down at my crumb catchers. Our wardrobe department swears by this to get out just about anything and I have found it usually works. My son even told his GF the other day when they were coming to visit after she spilled her coffee down the front of her shirt “ don’t worry Mom will have on her pajama top and it will have coffee stains down the front.” And he was right????????????

  23. Gloria says:

    OMG love all this, but sadly so true. I would add in a hankie or in my case, a bandana, cause my head sweats so much. Don’t know why I bother fixing my hair ????, it usually gets soaked. Maybe one off those crushable hats would be good to add. I have been known to wear two panties just to try and keep my pants dry. And not just from the pissy pants, but from the sweating ???????????????????????? Lordy Lordy I’m on fire ????????

  24. Angela says:

    Hey Danielle!
    Can you please tell me about the black bag in the photos?

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      I will have to see if I can find it. I’ll look at the tag because I cannot remember where I bought it.

  25. Kimberly Thomas says:

    I had to read this! I totally love the bag and of course anything leather as I am horribly hard on them. I love being able to throw ‘stuff’ I collect thru my day when asked if I need a bag or here’s your paperwork from yet another dr appointment ????. Anyway, yes to all these goodies. Thank you for sharing. I always am that one who needs tweezers-or whatever sand say I cannot carry them due to airport security… well I have not flown in over ten years!!! Hahaha but there’s always that one time I have to go to pick someone else up living their best life, and bam.. searched by security.. ????✌????✌????

  26. Susan Fisher says:

    Omg I’m laughing and crying at the same time because, although this post is funny, it is also SO TRUE!!! Thank you for sharing!

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