How to Make a Countertop over Your Washer and Dryer


NOTE:  We approve everything we do here at the rental with our landlords.  We aren’t using our own money as we do have a barter system with them for these projects.  It’s a question I get multiple times whenever I post about them.


I’ve told you several times that we will be here at the rental for awhile.  We have been sprucing up the backyard on a budget because we will for sure be here all summer.  We gave our fire pit  a makeover and made a sidewalk from lime stones out the back door.   And, even have our vegetable garden all ready to plant.  Come on, Indiana weather.  ☹️


We sat down and made a list of projects that we want to accomplish around this rental to make us a little happier.  Deb HATED the laundry room because it was so unorganized.  It was not pretty AT ALL and it just drove her nuts.  We decided that if it will make us happier for the time being, it was worth the work.  Our initial plan was to simply fill the holes from the previous tenants and paint the area.  Well, you know how that goes.. one thing leads to another.



Do you remember when I hung Milton and King’s whitewashed brick wallpaper in the master bedroom at the old house?  I used it in the pantry makeover, too.  Well…. I found an entire roll of it in my stash.  I never thought I would use it again, but this was the perfect opportunity.  It gave the laundry room a totally different look and added so much interest.   I debated on whether I wanted to do it, but I’m so glad I did.  I mean… really… what else do we have to do while in quarantine.  It only took me a couple of hours.  And, I LOVE the result.


How to Make a Countertop over Your Washer and Dryer

I am not even going to make a “materials list” because it is really self explanatory and you can use whatever type wood you want to use… leftover pieces from other projects, 2x6s, 1x6s.  It really doesn’t matter. Deb decided to use 2x6s, just because.  ????????‍♀️  So, I’m going to tell you how WE did it…  There are many different ways.  The pictures that I took are very self explanatory, so we here we go.

These photos were taken on two different days during the building process.

Step 1

We attached a 2×4 on the back wall and used 2x2s on the side wall at the height we wanted our countertop to be.


Step Two

We attached a 2×2 board across the front attaching it to the 2x2s on the side walls.


Step Three

We attached 2×2 boards in three different places from front to back to act as braces.  So that the top doesn’t sag in the middle.




Step Four

We attached the countertop boards to each side piece and all of the braces.   Which made the entire thing very sturdy.  Again.. there are many other ways to do this. This is just how we did it.





Home Decor

Of course, I had to poop this room up like I poop up every other room.  ????  I wanted to leave it rather simple.  I ran to the storage unit and grabbed this antique coat rack I found at a garage sale a few summers ago.  I thought it would work perfect here to hang a few hand towels on, etc.

I just grabbed a basket set at Walmart and I FREAKING LOVE THEM.  The color works perfect for my woods and whites theme.  They are perfect in the laundry room to hold dust rags, random lost socks, etc.  I used the smaller one to hold my new tree I got from Walmart, too… which I’m completely obsessed with.  Both of these items are currently out of stock. ..????But I will for sure link them here once they become available again.


I wasn’t going to make this into a DIY post and just a makeover / reveal type of post, but I had so many people over on Instagram who asked me to explain how we did it.  It is truly a very easy project and made a HUGE difference in the way it looks and when you are doing laundry.  And I now think everyone needs a countertop over their washer and dryer.  ????


What do you think?  Let me know here or over on Instagram or Facebook.



Danelle Harvey

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  • Hi beautiful gals!!! This is gorgeous!!! What color stain did you use for the countertop? Thanks much and stay safe!????

  • Perfect timing on this post this is on my list of to do’s, we put up the braces along our wall months ago then stopped. I also was wondering if you could add some detail regarding the distressing, staining and sealing process. Thanks so much! Looks absolutely fantastic!!!

  • OMG!!! This is beautiful. It really exceeded my expectations. I mean, I knew it was going to be great but WOW, just WOW. You gals are so talented and have such an knack for making a drab space look amazing. If you ever want to road trip over to Illinois, I have plenty of spaces that need a special touch :)

  • Wow! What a difference. You two make it look easy. All I need is a laundry room. Mine is in the basement????. I guess it gives me some cardio.

  • Seriously Gorg!!! (My word during quarantine lol) ... love how easy u guys made it look.., will b heading to my daughters .. she lives on the grounds of Angola Max Prison an no her hubby is not an inmate at least for now — dang men!!— so the housing is free but 1950’s janky describes it best! In this bigger house her laundry room is huge but not functional.. so Moma to the rescue!! Ty for the instructions!

  • This is beautiful!!!!! But I have to you keep a mental inventory of everything you've bought? The fact that you remembered you had the coat rack in storage is amazing to me :)

  • I absolutely love it!! You both are truly talented! I love the warm wood color, the wallpaper, and the baskets and plant. Please let us know when the plant and baskets become available again. I just love following you make my day!

  • So gorgeous - a complete turnaround. And why not make it pretty - you're in there so much it should be nice.

    I have to say I hate that you always have to justify what you're doing - just do it - who cares what everyone else thinks!

    Congratulations on another beautiful project! You're both an inspiration!!

    • Thanks so much. I hate saying it too. It's just when I open up a message, people an see that. And, if I don't respond, I feel like it looks mean. So I just throw it out there before anyone sends me messages about it. It's complicated. LOL

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