How to make a Laminate Headboard look like an Antique

  1. Bree says:

    I had no idea this could be done to laminate – thanks for sharing the ups and downs because that is the reality of DIY !

  2. Judy Karlson says:

    WAY better than the old so dark almost purple/brown color. So clever of you! Great inspiration as always. Thanks for sharing your DIY adventures!!

  3. Morgan says:

    So pretty!!!

    • Becca says:

      This turned out so great!!! I absolutely love what you did with this!! It definitely looks like an antique!! Sometimes it just takes a few steps to get to that beautiful end result!! You definitely did a great job!!! This piece is fabulous now! Definitely your style!!! I love seeing all the beauty that you and Deb create!!! Blessings to you both!! ✌🏼💚🙏🏼

  4. Lisa says:

    Stain….regular stain? Gel stain? I am getting a cool bed that I think might be part laminate and I am doing this! Love it!

  5. Sam says:

    Did you finish it with poly or anything?

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Yes, we did. I just added that info to the post a I forgot it. We added two coats of poly in a satin finish.

  6. Arlene says:

    It’s perfect😍

  7. Becky says:

    Love the headboard. Perfect.

    You mention the girls… are they your children or friends? I recently started following you. Do the girls ever want stuff back after you work your magic?

  8. christy M. says:

    I wish I was as talented as you two! I love the way the headboard turned out! Bravo!

  9. Missy Duffy says:

    It’s so pretty! I love the appliqués! It really does look like an antique headboard! You never know what you’ll get with those newer fake pieces but this turned out beautifully!

  10. Candy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Did you use some “white” paint or wax, I see white in some of the grooves throughout the headboard. Thanks for sharing.

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