Spring Neutral Fireplace Mantel

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Neutral Spring Fireplace Mantel

I have been working hard on getting the dining room put together, as you may know.  It’s a process decorating rooms and I take it seriously.  Ha!  And, I finally got the mantel in the dining room decorated for spring.  It’s the first time this mantel has had any decor on it since we moved […]

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Warm Neutral Fall Table Decor - Deb and Danelle

All Things Dining Room

Warm Neutral Fall Table

I put together this warm neutral fall table and loved how it turned out. If you have been around for just a bit, you know that woods and whites are my thing.  And, you probably figured out by now that I am a neutral home decor lover as well.  I haven’t gotten much into why lots […]

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Layered Vintage Fall Look

Fall Decor

Layered Vintage Fall Look

  We are full into fall here in the cottage.  I really wasn’t sure we would still be here for fall, however, we should be moved in way before Christmas.  And you know what that means. 🎄 Anyway, today I wanted to share a layered vintage fall look that I created a few days ago. […]

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Artwork for Frame TV - Deb and Danelle

Fall Decor

Samsung Frame TV Artwork for Fall and Halloween

  You know how much I love fall.  I realized that fall is my all time favorite season to decorate.  And, I figured out why.  It’s because most of the pumpkins, fall stems and flower bunches are in the same colors as all of my woods here in the cottage.  So, it’s basically adding more […]

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Fall or Thanksgiving Fireplace Mantel Ideal - Deb and Danelle

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Simple Thanksgiving Mantel Idea and our Samsung Frame TV

We are wrapping up the fall and Thanksgiving decor here shortly.  I actually have the fall tubs from the storage unit in the back of the truck because Deb grabbed them today when she stopped by. I know a lot of you hate to hear that, but it will be full fledged Christmas mode by […]

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Headboard idea - Deb and Danelle

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Fall Bedroom Headboard at the Cottage

  We picked up some fabulous doors last week from an antique store near by.  And I already shared with you what they originally looked like.  They had the original green paint but I know myself and color.  It’s a no bueno.  I get very tired of it.  Rather than going through the hassle of […]

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Fall Halloween Fireplace Mantel - Deb and Danelle

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Simple Halloween Fireplace Mantel

  I already told you we were getting ready for a baby shower here in the cottage.  One of the girls is due on November 5.  I know it’s probably not the most ideal thing for the mom to have a shower, BUT, she hasn’t been around this area for YEARS.  And, I didn’t want […]

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Warm Neutral Fall Decor

Fall Decor

Quick Neutral Fall Coffee Table Decor

  I already told you I was shopping for Fall decor. You guys most certainly don’t have to start decorating for fall yet.  BUT, I have a baby shower here at the end of September and have to be completely fall-i-fied.  The shower is going to have a Halloween theme because it’s her favorite time […]

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