Rustic Fall Coffee Table Decor

  1. Crystal Brown says:

    I lived during a time when single moms couldn’t live in nice places because they didn’t accept children…. long before the Fair Housing Act took effect. So I lived in a lot of crappy rentals…. and each one I decorated to make it feel like home, because it was our HOME for as long as we lived in it. I would have killed for a rental as cute as yours is now. I still remember being poor, I still remember using cast offs and shopping good will before it became a hobby for people with enough money to shop anywhere they wanted. So it pains me a bit to hear you denigrate living in a rental. I get that you have your dream home waiting to be built and I sure understand your excitement…. but with so many having lost everything in the quarantine, fires or floods and hurricanes….. having a rental that is as cute as yours would be an oasis. Poor people have to settle sometimes, but getting ideas and tips and learning from you and Deb makes living in a little, “crappy” rental seem living large. Thanks for all the inspo, I hope you keep it coming. And please keep in mind that living in a small rental doesn’t make one a loser, or someone so ashamed of their living situation they fail to enjoy the fact that they have a place to call home… even if it isn’t ideal.. My son wrote me a letter once, thanking me. He never realized we lived in shitty places because I always made them look and feel like home. I’ve never had a nicer compliment. You two have the ability and the platform to help people feel that way about their shitty rentals! Here’s to making a home no matter where you live! And enjoying it!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      I have never once said or even thought that someone who lives in a rental is a loser. I would never in my wildest dreams even insinuate that. And, I think that I have actually shown a lot of people how to really turn around their attitude and change a few things in their surroundings inexpensively if they don’t LOVE where they live. That is the message I have tried to portray. And trust me. When I first started out in my adult-ing journey, I HAD TO shop Goodwill and garage sales. My place still looked cute because I went to garage sales and bought almost every piece of decor and furniture for my house. I actually still have lots of those pieces. So, I would never, ever, look down upon someone in a rental or who shops at Goodwill. And by the way, the “crappiness” that I am talking about, you haven’t seen. I think you would be shocked to see this house without the furniture and all of the issues it has. So I stand behind my words… It’s a crappy rental… .people who live in rentals aren’t losers. ????

  2. Shawn says:

    I love it!!! AND I saw those pumpkins at Kroger! and, I told myself I don’t NEED them. Now, I guess I DO!! Lol!! Thanks for always inspiring me as I change seasons in my 1892 farmhouse in Indiana. ????????????

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