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Styles from the Shelves – Part One

We started a new series.  Someone over on social media said it should be something like, Styles from the Shelves. I love that name as it fits perfectly. Deb pulls something off of the shelves of my home decor room and has me style it in our home.  I shared this all over on social media last night and I got great feedback.  So here is Styles from the Shelves – Part One.

Styles from the Shelves – Part One

She mentioned on the reel and on TikTok that she wanted to pull something from our shelves that would be difficult and random. Well, she did just that.  I actually found this piece a few years ago at a thrift store for a few dollars. And, honestly… I have never styled it before.  It was when we lived in Deb’s workshop and I didn’t have a place for it at the time.  So it went in storage. And, it’s something that I think is so cool, but I never knew where to put it.

It is this Clapp & Bailey Remnants box.

I don’t know much at all about this box, but I found the following information from part of an auction listing online:

The display is circa 1880’s and promoted and displayed the company’s fabric remnants. The top half opens to reveal two movable drawers.  All the joints are dovetailed to increase their strength. This wooden countertop display is a wonderful example highlighting merchants’ efforts to prominently advertise their goods in a late 19th century mercantile setting.

I found the one below that is in great condition that was listed on eBay last night. It shows a lot of the details that are missing in mine, which are all of the little boxes.

This photo above is not mine and it was taken from a listing on eBay.

The lid flips open with hinges and makes it’s own little display area on top.  I love the original tag on it!  I decided that the best place to style this piece was in the laundry room.  I think it fit better in here and since it says REMNANTS, I thought of laundry. Ha!  I filled it with little pieces of vintage lace pieces I have had in my stash for years, along with old doilies and fabrics.  

The buttons are some that I found in the hoard of the house on Winchester Street when we were cleaning that out.  They were in a large tin and were mostly white.  There were a few random colorful ones in there but I took them out and donated them.  They would look cute in a glass jar but I didn’t have one the right size.  The sign was added behind it only because there was an outlet that I didn’t want to see in my display.  And, then I added some tulips for spring in a little wooden container.

Someone asked me over on social media if I would be keeping this here for a bit.  And, I most definitely will. I  think it adds some great texture with the lace and some interest to this space.  Plus, it’s the first time displaying this little piece so I’m enjoying it.

What do you think?  Stay tuned for the next part in this series, Styles from the Shelves, some time next week.


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  • I LOVE IT SO MUCH that I pinned it for my Pinterest Colonial Spring Decorating Board!!!! I LOVE taking one thing, and then adding to it until it becomes the PERFECT vignette!!!!

  • This is such a fun idea! I hope you do continue providing it. I have quite a few pieces of lace, handkerchiefs and doilies and often can't think of ways to style them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • One of the best things about this vintage store display, is that it was specifically for remnants! How smart while frugal were we back then! I would love to have one to display just to show how much more sensible we all were - even the companies who sold goods to us!

  • Hi There!!! Can you please share where you got the tulips? Is it just the way the picture has captured them or are they a creamy white instead of stark white? They look perfect in this display.

  • I always really enjoy getting ideas from your postings. You've got great taste, and I love how the two of you work so well together making a beautiful home and changing it up so it stays fresh. Thanks for the inspiration!

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