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Neutral Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Have you taken down your Christmas decorations?  I have a few friends who love Christmas, and the way Christmas decor makes their homes feel so much, that it stays up for awhile after the holidays. While I love the coziness it brings to our home, I need it to go.  It’s only for the pure fact that it’s hanging over my head.  I feel like leading up to New Years Day, the trees are tapping me on the shoulder every day saying, “Hello.. you will have to put me away sooner or later, so stop ignoring us.”  Ha!  So, ours got put away a few days before then.  And, I added a few neutral Valentine’s Day home decor items to take the place of Christmas.

Neutral Valentine’s Day Home Decor

First off, do you remember this little neutral valentine’s sign I made a few years back.  I need to grab that from my home decor room. It may look cute in our coffee bar area.  Anyway, I gathered a few of the neutral Valentine’s Day home decor that I already had and I added a few new things.  This cute little wood heart bowl that I filled with these felt hearts was from my stash. The neutral look of them matches my woods and whites theme so well.

I also found these small wood hearts this year. I believe they are actually to sprinkle on the table for wedding receptions, but how cute are they in a little wooden bowl!  They would look adorable in a glass jar of some sort, too, which is what I was originally going to do. However, I couldn’t find a decorative glass jar that was the correct size.  Also.. I have another pack of wooden hearts being delivered today.  Check these out as well, to use the same way.


To be honest, I fell in love with this little heart shaped pillow the second I saw it.  But the price had me questioning it.  Once I opened the package, I knew why it was the price it was.  This is called a “Giving Heart” pillow.  It is made with REALLY soft fabric and filled with a heavy plastic filling to make it weighted.   The idea behind it is that you give this heart to someone as if it’s a hug from you.  So, it’s great for anyone going through a hard time.  I love this idea.  It comes in several different colors and the quality is excellent… and obviously not only for Valentine’s Day for but for every day.


You know how much I love using every day items within my home decor.

There is no thinking about what to use as seasonal home decor in your kitchen when you use heart shaped kitchenware.  I have found when I have them displayed, I will use them way more than when they are tucked away.  These adorable heart shaped dessert plates are a great size and perfect for sandwiches and snacks.  And, the berry bowls are great for snacks, desserts, nuts, etc.  You have no clue how much we use these wooden serving trays for snacks, etc.

I love these vintage metal hearts that I hung on the peg rail in the kitchen.  They were originally going to go in the laundry room, but I decided, due to the length, they worked here best.  They can always be shortened as the rope is tied with a knot.. which I may do later.

Even if you aren’t a huge Valentine’s Day decorator, just a few simple neutral Valentine’s Day home decor pieces look great sprinkled throughout your home.  Add a few of these things to your side table, coffee bar, or kitchen counter and you have instant Valentine’s Day decor without going overboard.

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