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Styles from the Shelves – Part Two

OK.  I LOVE this little series that we started last week.  I shared the first part here.  This series is when Deb pays a visit to my home decor room and picks something for me to style in our home.  Last week she chose a vintage remnants box that I had never styled before.. like ever. I found it at a thrift store and thought it was cool.  But we lived in the workshop at that point and had no where to style it, so it went into storage.  Make sure to check out that post to see it.  This week she chose a great piece that I haven’t styled in YEARS.  So here is Styles from the Shelves – Part Two.

Styles from the Shelves – Part Two

Deb recorded her visit to my home decor room and I shared this entire styling session on this TikTok and these reels:  Part One and Part Two.

But, she said it was between two pieces this week… this huge, vintage wooden toolbox or a little set of chippy drawers.  She chose the toolbox. When I say this is huge, I’m not exaggerating.  It is roughly 3′ wide and probably a foot deep.  We had a picker who brought things into our store for us to buy and then resell.  She brought us this huge vintage toolbox and I loved it.  I styled it then, which was over ten years ago which is probably the last time I styled it.  It may have been on our porch once, but I can’t say for sure.

I immediately thought of styling it with all of my wooden kitchen utensils.  I have collected them for YEARS.  Sometimes they are displayed and sometimes I get tired of them and store them away.  I have wooden mallets, potato mashers, wooden spoons, butter paddles, etc.  You have probably seen my rolling pins, but they are already displayed in a few crocks in our kitchen.  But that could be an idea as well.  

Since there was all wood in this area, I wanted to add some lightness and spring to this area.

I did that by adding some of my all-time favorite artificial tulips that I’ve had for years.  I pull these out every single spring.  They are so good because they look so real and feel real.  I think these are the off-white or cream ones.  I also found this cute little blue bird that I have had for probably 15 years.  I hung him from the shelf to give it some interest. The wreath is one that I have had forever and think I bought through our store when we owned it.  I linked the rest of the items that I could below.

I love doing this new little series, Styles from the Shelves, for a few reasons.

  1.  Deb chooses the piece.  I tend to choose the same pieces to use so this is giving me more of a variety in our home decor.
  2.  I hope to inspire you if you have a similar piece in your stash.  It could give you some ideas.
  3.  It’s helping me see if I want particular pieces in my home decor room.  If I don”t like the way it looks after it’s styled, I will sell, donate, or give away the item.
  4.  It makes me think harder to create something different than I have done in the past.

Let me know if you like this little series.  And, stay tuned for part three next week.


Heart Shaped Plates / Heart Shaped Bowls / Tulips / Gold Bunny


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