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Refresh Your Home After the Holidays with The Home Depot


If you are in the process of undecorating from the holidays, The Home Depot has everything you need to redecorate and refresh every room in your home!

One of Deb and I’s goals for the month of January was to get all of our Christmas decorations put away, to clean and organize everything in our home, and refresh our spaces after the holidays. We found some great home decor items from The Home Depot that fit seamlessly with our current style. . Plus, from now through 1/24, save up to 30% Off Select Bedding & Bath
Linens, Furniture, and Décor at The Home Depot!

Home Decor Refresh

After taking the Christmas tree down and putting away all of the holiday decorations, our home felt so bare. It lost a little bit of that cheer (the warm flickering lights from the Christmas tree in the evening and the gold bells on the mantel) that comes with the holidays, so I knew that we needed to add some new decor items into our home to bring back that cozy feeling. The Home Depot had exactly what we needed to add a little bit of extra character back into our spaces. 

Isidore Wheat Scroll Matte Pre-Pasted Paper Wallpaper 

I am so excited about the transformation this wallpaper is making in our home! As you may already know, all of the walls in our new-build home are white. We have slowly been adding wallpaper and different textures to our walls to enhance and transform our rooms.

This wallpaper has added a charming, romantic vibe to our dining room with its distressed flower print. I also love that it adheres to our neutral home with its soft wheat-toned color. 

It is pre-pasted, so we only had to dip it in water to active the glue. Each roll is 20.5-inches by 33-feet long and covers around 56.4 square feet of wall space. Best of all, this wallpaper is washable, so if our little grandbabies run their sticky fingers along the walls, we can easily wash it off without worrying about damaging our wallpaper. 

Classic Arched Black Aluminum Alloy Framed Full Length Standing Floor Mirror

At 70″H and 30″W, this is a very large mirror for the price! It comes in two color options, black and gold. We typically choose a lot of wood and white items for our house, but we decided to add a little extra character with this mirror. It is very elegant and provides a crystal-clear reflection, if you want to use this for viewing your daily fashion choices and not just as a decor piece. 

This mirror has three placement options, making it a great choice for any room. It can be propped against the wall, you can use the attached stand for freestanding, or you can hang it on the wall with its sturdy hook and adjustable U-shaped bracket. 

Ivory Round Water Hyacinth Decorative Basket with Handles (Set of 2) 

We use so many baskets in our home. We use them for blanket storage, as stand-alone decor pieces, and as the bases for our artificial plants. These Hyacinth Decorative Baskets from The Home Depot were a great addition to our collection. This two-piece set includes a larger basket that is 17.72″ in diameter and 16.14″H and can hold up to 54 pounds of weight. The smaller basket is 13.78″ in diameter and 13.39″H and can hold up to 25 pounds.

Each basket has two convenient handles, making them perfect for carting laundry around. No matter what the use, I love their natural look and how they blend right into our existing decor. 


24″ Artificial Green Full Potted Ferns

It is time to put away the small potted trees we had out for Christmas, so we needed a few new artificial plants to add some green back into our decor. This artificial fern was the perfect replacement. It has me dreaming of summer but could be left out all year long. 

This large fern is very realistic and natural in appearance. It has individually wired, bendable stems so you can shape it to look however you like. We moved to all artificial ferns in and around our home last year. We appreciate that this fern brings the beauty of the outdoors into our home without the maintenance and watering required with a live plant. 

13 in. Artificial Leather Fern Leaf Stem Plant Greenery Foliage Bush (Set of 2) 

This set of two artificial fern bushes provides a little less vertical height, but they are still lush and full. Like the last, these have bendable wired stems that add to their natural look. These can easily stand alone or be placed in a vase for a grander look. 

Bernard Beige Geometric Zipper 18 in. x 18 in. Throw Pillow Cover (Set of 2) 

We love changing out our pillow covers for the different holidays and seasons. It is such a simple way to change the look of a room. This two-pack of pillow inserts is made with beige cotton and comes in a diamond geometric design. These blend right in with our current decor and add a little extra texture without being overpowering. These are perfect for those muted winter months when you want all the warm things but without adding too much color. 

Scalloped Wicker Storage Baskets (Set of 2)

Remember when I said we love and use a ton of baskets in our home. I present you with… more baskets!!  The Home Depot shows these baskets filled with toys in a child’s room, but I saw them with their lovely scalloped edges and immediately knew they would look great sprinkled into our decor with Spring approaching. They make me think of the first Spring flowers sprouting from the ground. They have a warm but neutral wicker construction with just the right amount of depth and texture. 


White Wood Tall Candle Holder with Distressed Accents (Set of 2) 

This set of two candle holders is made with fir wood and has a distressed look that allows them to blend right in with the antique pieces in our home. These have a sturdy base with stoppers at the bottom that prevent them from sliding or scratching your furniture pieces. 

The larger holder measures 20″ high and the smaller is 17″ high. These add enough height to make them the perfect centerpiece on a tabletop or on your fireplace mantel. 

Rectangle Mango Wood Handmade Floral Box with Hinged Lid (Set of 3) 

These small rustic boxes are made with mango wood and have a floral hinged lid. These add depth to a tabletop while also adding hidden storage space. These have rubber stoppers on the base so that they don’t scratch your furniture pieces. I love that they can stand alone and be used in different spaces or stacked as one large piece. These would be perfect for recipe cards, to hold seasoning or seed packets, or to hide your remote on an end table. 

No matter which room in your home you are tackling next, The Home Depot has something that will take your space to the next level! Their home decor items are the ones you place in their new spot in your home, you step back, and smile because it all came together just as you had imagined! 

Danelle Harvey

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  • ALL of this looks great. I'm inspired as I am making some long wanted and overdue changes in my home. I ADORE the wallpaper. xo

  • I refuse to be on any social media. I was on facebook for a short period, but my Husbands ex kept trying to friend me. God only knows why. I get your blog thru my email and that works for me. Social media is dangerous, people dont realize that. I dont want the whole world to care about what I am doing, and I dont really care about what they are doing. Lazy is HUGE in the US. Go to a grocery store, and have to check yourself out. Nobody wants to work!!!! Go figure. At 68, I love the good old days.

  • Gorgeous! I already purchased the scalloped edge baskets. Where might I find those beautiful white flower stems?

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