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Gardening 101 with Deb and Danelle

Gardening is one of Deb and I’s greatest passions these days. We not only love creating and maintaining a beautiful garden space, but we also love reaping the benefits of our hard work – enjoying fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. It is so rewarding to walk to our garden in the evening and pop […]

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Fall Decor

The Best of August

Today, I want to slow down, take a deep breath, and just reminisce on everything that has happened in the last month. When I think of the best things about the month of August, my mind goes in 100 different directions!  August was an absolute whirlwind for Deb and I!  Seriously, I don’t know where […]

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In-feed Inspiration

In-Feed Inspiration: Pergola Edition

Mid-progress shot of the project that never ends   We have been working so hard to get the posts in place in front of our recently added garden area. We had one set of posts in place, and thought we could easily replace the missing tops and bottoms of them.  But they were going to […]

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In-feed Inspiration

In-Feed Inspiration: English Gardens

If you have been following along, you know we are getting so close to being done with our garden area! So close!! This week, we are dedicating our time to finishing up the picket fence that will not only provide an added visual appeal to the space but will also keep out unwanted animals that […]

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In-feed Inspiration

In-Feed Inspiration: Veggie Gardens

Let’s take a look at some accounts, tips, and tricks from both Instagram and Pinterest that I found helpful when preparing our vegetable garden. 

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In-feed Inspiration

In-Feed Inspiration: Garden

It is gardening season in Ohio! We are so ready for fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, and so much more, but first… we have to plan it!  So, in preparation for this year’s garden, I am checking out all of the amazing gardens of Instagram.  We were in Alaska last week, so if you missed the […]

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In-feed Inspiration

In-Feed Inspiration: Chicken Edition

Hey everyone! If you are like me, you spend a lot of time aimlessly scouring social media with absolutely nothing in particular in mind. I did this a little bit in the past, but I want to start sharing some of my favorite accounts from Instagram that I discover in my search! This week, with […]

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Back to Eden Garden

Home Tour

Back to Eden Garden – My Favorite Method

I already told you we are giving this backyard here at the rental a makeover since we will be here for awhile.  We brought in a little shed that we will sell when we leave.  And we uncovered some limestones from an old bank here in our town.  Which are now incorporated into our sidewalk.  […]

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