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Lamp Base Makeover

Every so often I like to share some repurposed items we have in our home.  Who doesn’t like a good old makeover? I’ve shared these several times on Facebook and Instagram both.  You’ve even seen them in several pictures here on the blog, but I bet you didn’t even know what they once were.   Unfortunately, […]

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The Guide to Packing an Old Lady Diaper Bag - House on Winchester


The Guide to Packing an Old Lady Diaper Bag

There is a lot of trial and error that goes into packing a diaper bag when you are hauling around a few kids.  How many blowouts will your newborn have?  What will your toddler spill down the front of his brand new shirt?   Will I need more than six diapers during my time I’m away? […]

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How to Make Big Decisions - Writer - House on Winchester


Big Decision Making Made Easy

Every day, I have decisions to make.  What should I wear?  Am I going to be happy or sour?  ????  How am I going to stay focused on all of my tasks?  (That struggle is a real one.  Read my previous post regarding menopausal attention deficit disorder or MADD.) However, not every day do I have […]

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Menopause symptoms no one wants to talk about - House on Winchester


Menopause – The Shit No One Talks About

I think all of us over 50 would agree that this “getting old” shit is for the birds. There are just certain things that we all go through that cause issues that very few people want to discuss.  With two old gals in this household, we both have a multitude of different issues that we […]

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