Trashed Tuesday: Bowling Ball Flip

I am posting this kind of late.  If you missed why everything is a little wonky here over the last couple of weeks, check out my first post of the new year!  It explains everything.  This Trashed Tuesday project was done several weeks ago and I am just getting the energy to post over here […]

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DIY Antique Tray - Deb and Danelle

All Things Kitchen

Trashed Tuesday: Antique Wooden Tray Replica

Welcome back to another Trashed Tuesday.  It’s one of my favorite days of the week because….  PROJECTS.  You know how much we love a great project.  This week was another time when we didn’t really have anything already made.  Hopefully when Deb gets her BIG workshop and we have storage, these pieces will be regularly […]

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Wooden Christmas Trees - DIY

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Trashed Tuesday – Wooden Christmas Trees

If you are new around here, you need to know about Trashed Tuesdays.  No, it doesn’t mean Deb and I sit around and drink until we get trashed.  It is us creating something out of things that would normally be thrown away.  Normally, it’s a repurposed item from something we were going to donate. Sometimes […]

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A Mirror Transformed - Deb and Danelle

All Things Entryway & Stairway Landing

Trashed Tuesday: Transform an Outdated Mirror

Are you loving these Trashed Tuesday pieces as much as I am?  If you have missed any of the previous projects, check them out.  They are all pretty much what we would have shared in our storefront if we still had it.  I am enjoying it because I see Deb completely in her element.  She […]

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Christmas Tree collar made from a pallet - Deb and Danelle

Winter Decor

Trashed Tuesday – Christmas Tree Collar made from a Pallet

We have thoroughly been enjoying our Trashed Tuesdays.  Have you?   These projects get Deb back into her workshop where she loves to spend time.  It helps her dig into her creative side again.  She had the coolest workshop in the basement of our store front when we owned it.  Our store was called The Tattered […]

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What to do with an ugly picture - Deb and Danelle Trash Tuesday

Winter Decor

Trashed Tuesday: Idea for an Old Ugly Picture

Who doesn’t have an old ugly picture somewhere in their stash?  I got an idea when I saw this picture on Pottery Barn’s website.  I was going to do this exact picture but didn’t want the frame red.  And I didn’t want to make the mirrored look because it looks gray.  And, then I wanted […]

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What to do with a Vintage Lamp Base - Deb and Danelle

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Trashed Tuesday: What to do with a Vintage Lamp Base

Did you catch the Trashed Tuesday piece on social media?  If you are new around here, we started a new series.  Every Tuesday, Deb and I take an item, that YOU (social media) voted on, for us to redo.  Check out last week’s project!  You had the choice between a vintage lamp base or an […]

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Trashed Tuesday: What to do with a Pedestal Table Base

Home Tour

Trashed Tuesday: What to do with a Pedestal Table Base

We are starting a thing!  Every Tuesday, we will be sharing a post called, Trashed Tuesday.  If you don’t follow us over on social media, you must.  We have so much fun.  No, we aren’t getting drunk on Tuesdays which is what several people thought when I announced it.  We are actually going to be […]

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