All Things Outside

Lights Around the Pergola Swing

This pergola swing has been an ongoing project.  Do you remember when we started this.  I believe it was July 4 weekend.  Then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  Honestly, the project got put on hold for WEEKS because of the mud around that area.  We then got the brick pad done under […]

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Simple Neutral Look for Fall - Deb and Danelle

Home Tour

Simple Neutral look in the Cottage Dining Area

This look in the dining room isn’t rocket science or earth shattering.  LOL  I actually just asked Deb if this look was way too simple to share.  She said, “Some people like simple.”  And, I figured you may still be inspired and possibly have a few of the same items to duplicate the look.  So… […]

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Fall Entryway - Deb and Danelle

Fall Decor

Fall in the Cottage Entryway

  Fall has made it’s appearance all over the cottage.  I have been working very hard getting this cottage all fall-fied.  Not kidding.  This place has never been completely decorated at once… And, it has always had a pile of something that needed to go back to storage, put away, or organized.  It is really […]

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All Things Living Room

Halloween Downloads for the Fall Season

I told you that we are having a baby shower here at the end of the month.  It’s for one of our girls.  I know it may not be kosher to have a baby shower for one of your kids. BUT… she has been gone from this area for 15 years.  We just both feel […]

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Vintage Witch Photo, Side table decor - Deb and Danelle

Fall Decor

Halloween Side Table Decor with Vintage Witch Photo

  I love putting together different looks on side tables.  Number one, they are small and simple to do.  Number two, they take a few minutes.  And number three, the looks can be applied to different areas in your home.  You can do pretty much recreate the same thing on a buffet or your kitchen […]

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Fall Table Setting - Deb and Danelle

All Things Kitchen

Fall Table Setting for Two

  I have told you more than once that we are having a baby shower here at the cottage at the end of September.  It will be Halloween Themed one because mommy loves fall and Halloween.  I cannot wait to get this cottage all decked out.  I am slowly working on little areas.  The inside […]

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Fall Mantel using Amber Bottles

All Things Mantels & Shelves

Fall Mantel using Vintage Amber Bottles

I love my vintage items, but you already know that.  Deb was at the storage unit recently, and she grabbed me a few of my favorite collections.  I shared a few other collections that wound up in the laundry room once she got home.  We moved from the old house into the rental in September, […]

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Warm Neutral Fall Decor

Fall Decor

Quick Neutral Fall Coffee Table Decor

  I already told you I was shopping for Fall decor. You guys most certainly don’t have to start decorating for fall yet.  BUT, I have a baby shower here at the end of September and have to be completely fall-i-fied.  The shower is going to have a Halloween theme because it’s her favorite time […]

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