May Health Goal – Paleo Diet

  1. Jo P. says:

    Hi Danelle and Deb! I’ve totally changed the way I eat and have lost a ton of weight! I mostly eat lots of dark green leafy salads with small amounts of chicken. Occasionally I eat some sort of meat with a vegetable. I had to totally cut out pasta so I could reach my goal. So far so good. I may check out Thrive market to expand what I can eat. Oh and I’ve also started walking every day. Y’all have a good day!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      Wow … good for you! Congrats on your weight loss. We have been eating lots of veggies and meats, too. I seem to do really well with Paleo.

  2. Karen T says:

    I’ve tried the Keto. Not a good fit. I felt I needed to add fruits, nuts, and berries. I think Paleo may work for me. I want to be healthy. Love your videos. Y’all crack me up.

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahaha thank you. And I did Keto, also, and I gained weight. I missed fruits, too. Paleo works really well for my body.

  3. Gia says:

    So I’d like to give you credit for recently changing my diet and losing 17 pounds in a month…but then you’d have to take the blame for my Crohns diagnosis. I’m on an anti-inflammatory diet but it’s very similar to Paleo, which makes so much sense.
    I have made several cookies, pastries, & brownies with the gluten free flours and all natural sweeteners. Be warned. Paleo as in fossilized turds…is what they were. ????
    Haven’t found an edible one yet. The rest is all good though!!

    • Danelle Harvey says:

      hahahahaha We have been making delicious paleo pancakes. And I mean delicious. I am sharing the recipe soon.

  4. Lara says:

    Ok… by the way you two are such a riot, what a blessing to have that connection !!! But on another note… I have a had a cancer scare at 35 for my colon and mom recently has breast cancer, so I started reading “ The Plant Paradox Book” this information is amazing and I want all including you to learn about it … look up the Dr and please inform your followers…. life expectancy is 130 years!! No this is not sponsored .. ..Lectins are the devil and a lot of food you think are healthy are actually killing you … like tomatoes … wow what ?!?! Exactly !!!! read on!! Love you two and your energy !!! If I could win a fun Dayan the life of … it would be to hang with you two !!! You girls are a breath of funny air ???????? and I truly believe laughter heals all
    ❤️❤️!!!! God bless ????????????

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