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Set a Buffet Style Table for Fall: Woods and Whites Edition

This past weekend, I got a bit creative and set a buffet style table for fall here in the house.  It’s one of my favorite ways to set a table when we entertain.  So I thought I would share what I came up with. You might have figured out that this will be a “woods and whites” edition because it’s my favorite.  Also, keep reading for a few tips that I use in our home decor that I think you may like.

Set a Buffet Style Table for Fall:  Woods and Whites Edition

Where to start….

The first thing I did was figure out what I was going to use as a centerpiece.  I wanted something neutral for fall but in my favorite woods and whites tones.  This long white runner added a lot of texture which I love.  I then added the long wooden tray that Deb made year ago to display a pumpkin and this leaf garland.  I love this garland because of the berries and the wooden leaves added throughout.  And by the way, the jack-o-lantern was one that I gave a makeover to last year.  

Check out that project here!

Secondly, I grabbed everything from our stash that I need for entertaining, which, of course, includes dishes and silverware.  I have a ton of different options when it comes to dishes because I pick them up here and there when I see the at a great price. For this buffet style look, I chose these stoneware dishes that match great with the woods and whites color in our home.  They are great quality and at a fabulous price for the set.  These bamboo kitchen utensils are perfect for the fall season, as well.

Tip 1 – When purchasing dishes and silverware for your home, make sure you choose colors that they will blend in with your home decor. When you set your table for the holidays or any other gatherings, they won’t look out of place.  And, they almost appear to be part of your decor.  This creates a more cohesive look.

Once I chose the dishes and silverware that I wanted, I started adding the other pieces that we will need.  I included wooden coasters, a wooden salad bowl, and a white cake plate that when turned over can be used for chips and dip.  This particular one is out of stock but I found one that matches these stoneware dishes

See that one here.

The coffee mugs are included in the set of dishes, so I added these gorgeous glass water goblets that look like antique ones to me.  My wooden egg tray and the domed glass cake plate are some of my favorite things because I usually have both of these within my decor.  And that leads me to another tip that I share quite often over on social media.

Tip 2 – Use your “entertaining” items within your home decor rather than storing them away.  You get to enjoy them every day and they serve double duty.  Which also goes back to the first tip.  When you choose items which match the colors of your home decor, you can do this a lot easier.


I use my domed cake plate within my home decor probably 95% of the time.  It usually holds fake baked goods, which I think look so cute placed on your countertops or kitchen island.

I shared a roundup of artificial baked goods here.

And, then lastly, I placed some black candle sticks all around the tray and between some of my pieces. And, I used these ribbed candles which are perfect for this fall season and also added a lot of texture and interest to this space.

For me, seeing other people’s ideas sparks some creativity in me.  So at the very least, I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own decor when entertaining.  

I rounded up all of the links to these items.  Shop by clicking the pics below.


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