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Update on the Huge Oak Cabinet in our Dining Room

I wish the title of this post was, The Massive Cabinet is Done!  But it’s not.  Ha!  We have been working on this thing every day for several weeks.  Not an all day type of work, but we have done something daily.  So today, I wanted to give you an update on this huge oak cabinet here in the dining room.  And, tell you how thankful I am that we are this far.  Let me get you up to speed on the story thus far.

The story in a nutshell…..

Deb was scouring the Facebook Marketplace and saw this massive cabinet. I told her that I wanted a huge cabinet for this wall in the dining room so I knew this was perfect.  

You can read the entire story of the history of this cabinet here

And also see a check list of things we had to do to this cabinet here.

Update on the Huge Oak Cabinet in our Dining Room

The inside of the cabinet.

Once this cabinet was delivered, we noticed that the inside back was lined with metal which we didn’t realize until we got it home.  Behind that metal was old bead board.  The bead board was in pretty good shape except for large paint splatters and paint runs.  Rather than worry about removing the paint on that, I decided to paint it white on the inside.  

The outside of the cabinet.

 This cabinet had been painted many times throughout the years. We saw three different colors of paint including a mustard color, white, beige, and the latest color was burgundy. The last owner had removed a lot of the paint on main part and part of the doors of the cabinet, but didn’t get to all of it.  So Deb and I used a heat gun and a sander to remove all of the paint on the exterior of the cabinet.  I ended up staining the outside with the color Provincial by Minwax and giving it a coat of polyurethane.

This cabinet sat in our dining room untouched up until a few weeks ago.

The shelves and the doors of this cabinet had been removed during transport and were stored in our garage. So a few weeks back, I pulled out all of the shelves and gave them each 3 coats of paint.  Deb put them all back in for me, making sure they were level and fit properly.  I decided since this cabinet was pretty much done, except for the doors, that I wanted to get it styled.  And that is where we are.

My initial thought was to grab a bunch of random things from my home decor room and style each individual shelf differently.  Once I started doing that, my brain went haywire.  Ha!  When I have a theme of a large piece of furniture like this, I feel calmer.  So I decided to use all of my brown bowls and crocks in this piece because I thought they would look pretty with the white interior.  I’m so glad I did. Because I love how they look in there.

What is next?

The doors.  Gahhhhhh!  I’m not at all looking forward to working on these doors.  There are 18 of them, by the way.  The hardware needs to be removed on each door and the paint stripped off of them.  I have to removed the trim around each door to remove the glass so that it doesn’t get scratched while I sand them.  And, then I have to refinish all of them with stain and poly to match the outside.  It is going to take awhile.  

Like I said above, I am grateful we are this far into the project, but still have a ways to go.  And, that is the update of the huge oak cabinet in our dining room.

Danelle Harvey

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  • I’m loving it so far! It looks so great now that you can take your time with the doors! Your collection of brown bowls and crocks are perfect for it. 🤎🤍🤎There are so many things you can do with this cabinet! I hope you all have the best time hosting your grandson’s birthday party!🥳

    • Thank you! We had a great time hosting the birthday party. All the kids had a blast, and it gave us the opportunity to entertain in all these cozy spaces we have created.

  • This is just cherry! Absolutely love the brown bowls and crocks on the shelves. Love the white bead board with the gorgeous oak - especially love the swags and bows at the top! What a great wall shelf!

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