Backyard makeover fire pit

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget – Fire Pit

All I can tell you is to put out an APB… All Points Bulletin… to all of your friends. For years, Deb and I have this agreement with friends.  If one of us NEED something regarding a home improvement project, just text.  We will all keep our eyes out for the item.  I will never […]

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Backyard Makeover in a rental

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget – Limestone Slabs

I already shared that we are going to give this backyard at the rental a makeover on a budget.  We love being outside and love lots of different areas to hang.  This backyard isn’t functional AT ALL.  We love vegetable gardens, fire pits, barbecue areas, etc.   And since we will be here all summer, it […]

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget

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Backyard Makeover on a Budget – Plans and Before Pictures

Well…   Plans sure do change at the drop of a dime, don’t they?  We truly thought our new build would have at least been started by now.  We were hoping we would be in there doing our finishing work by mid-summer.  And moving in by the end of summer.   But, we finally admitted to ourselves […]

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Repurposing Old Wall Sconces - House on Winchester


Repurposing Old Wall Sconces

I’m assuming you have heard me talk about our “stash” before.  We have picked up lots of items from garage sales, etc, and don’t really have immediate use for them but they were a great deal.  And, we love them.  But, I’m trying to go through my stash because I get overwhelmed with it all.  […]

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How to Update an Old Sconce - Wire Free Method


How to Update an Old Sconce – Wire Free Method

I was shopping with one of my girls and came across this old, rusty wall sconce without any innards.  I thought it had a neat shape and had no clue what I would do with it, but I had to have it.  I asked the owner how much he wanted for it.  He said, “Just […]

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Wasted Wednesday - Repurposed Grandfather Clock - House on Winchester


Grandfather Clock Makeover

I’m so excited to share this project.  I found today’s piece on an online garage sale site and knew EXACTLY what I wanted to use it for.  I need to back up though.  When I was designing our kitchen, I knew I wanted only lower cabinets and thought I wanted open shelving.  Yes, cabinet boy […]

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Wasted Wednesday - Vintage Cookbook Holder - House on Winchester


Vintage Cookbook Holder Makeover

Vintage Cookbook Holder Makeover I picked up this little ditty at a flea market for $2.00 and could hardly contain my excitement because I knew that $2.00 was a bargain.  I, also, knew that painting it would make it look completely different.  ????????‍♀️  What doesn’t look better with a coat of white paint?  I’m sorry that I have […]

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Wasted Wednesday - Make-up storage idea - repurposed vanity - House on Winchester


Vintage Toolbox Turned Make-up Storage

  Make-up Storage Idea One of the biggest repurposed projects we’ve accomplished to date is our bathroom vanities.  Both of our vanities were something different.  The vanity in the full bathroom was once an antique buffet that I picked up on a garage sale site.  When you convert a piece of furniture into a vanity, […]

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