Decorating for Halloween

Have you ever gotten sucked down a rabbit hole and couldn’t get out for a long, long time?  ????   Oh my gosh. That happened to me on eBay with their vintage Halloween decorations.  After doing an online search of vintage halloween decor, cool items from eBay kept popping up.  I saw so many things from my childhood.  And, so many things that are WAY older than that.


Halloween Decor from eBay

You know how many collections that I have.  ????  I love adding collections within collections, too.  I have been showing you different ways I am decorating for Fall this year by adding a few items to my existing decor.  I don’t want to completely revamp everything because we have such a small space here at the rental.  So adding seasonal items into my every day decor makes the most sense.  I was so excited to display Halloween items this year.

Vintage Halloween Decor

I came across these vintage cotton cupcake picks and was so intrigued.  They look a little spooky and a lot vintage.  I am assuming these little picks doubled as party favors back in the day.  So it’s very surprising to me that there are any that are still around.  Anyway, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be searching eBay for more of these cute little vintage items.  I added some flower foam and moss to an old bowl, and poked each of my cupcake picks down into the foam to hold them upright.

Vintage Halloween noise makers are something else that I think would be fun to collect.  eBay has a huge assortment of those, too.  They would look cute displayed in an old box or an old crock.

I LOVE vintage Halloween post cards, too.  They are all so unique.  That would be another fun collection to start!  You could have them framed or just display them on a coffee table for people to look at.



New Halloween Decor

I thought it would be fun to add a few black crows and some black leaves to make it look spooky.  eBay has a huge selection of new Halloween items, too.  They have skeletons, Halloween lanterns, pillows, and this cute No Trespassing sign.



I had so much fun being down in my rabbit hole on eBay shopping for vintage Halloween items.  They currently have over 9,000 items listed in that category alone.  Have you ever checked out eBay for items like that?  You can find such great deals on vintage and new items.  Some of their items are even one of a kind.  And over 80% of their items have the BUY IT NOW option if you don’t like the auctions.  I personally like both.  ????  And, over 70% of their items even ship for free.

Check out eBay for your Halloween decor and whatever else you are looking for.

Oh… and if you haven’t been able to attend flea markets, eBay is a perfect place to find vintage items, too.





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