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Fall Entryway - Deb and Danelle

  Fall has made it’s appearance all over the cottage.  I have been working very hard getting this cottage all fall-fied.  Not kidding.  This place has never been completely decorated at once… And, it has always had a pile of something that needed to go back to storage, put away, or organized.  It is really […]

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Fall Mantel using Amber Bottles

I love my vintage items, but you already know that.  Deb was at the storage unit recently, and she grabbed me a few of my favorite collections.  I shared a few other collections that wound up in the laundry room once she got home.  We moved from the old house into the rental in September, […]

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Rustic Fall Coffee Table - Deb and Danelle

Sitting in the woods around the campfire gives me lots of time to think… and plan!  I have so many thoughts and ideas going through my head all of the time.  To be honest, I have been feeling a little humdrum about this rental.  We wanted to be out of here by now.  We actually […]

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