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Winter forms our character and brings out our best.

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Our House Sources - Deb and Danelle

  I have been giving lots of updates of the new house over on social media stories but I haven’t done much updating here.  If you receive and read our newsletter, then you may know a little more.  Because I tend to share a lot there as well.  I did update you on the entire […]

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Using pine boards as flooring - FAQs including cost - Deb and Danelle

 Using pine boards as flooring is something we have done several times throughout the years.  I have already shared a few posts about our pine flooring in the past.  The first post was when we were installing it in the entryway of our old house.  And the second post was a Q&A type of post.  […]

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Electrical must-haves in new build or remodels

We are in the thick of our new build.  If you are new here, let me catch you up to speed.  We sold our old house to build on our land in September 2019.  And we moved to a rental for what we thought would be less than a year.  Well.. you know what happened […]

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Cottage Kitchen - Deb and Danelle

I posted this reel over on Instagram last week and realized something.  I don’t know if I have ever shared our entire cottage kitchen.  Which totally shocks me since we have been here almost a year already.  And that’s another thing that shocks me.  One whole year living in this cottage.   If you are new […]

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Rental Kitchen - House on Winchester

Awwwww…. rental living.  You guys know we are living in a rental until we get our house built.  Our plan, first, is to build a barn on our wooded property.  The lower level of the barn will be Deb’s workshop and the upper level will be living space which will eventually be my office.  We […]

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