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Christmas in the Master Bedroom


You know I’ve been decking out the house for the holidays.  This year, my theme was simply to create a FOREST.  I just wanted a forest of decoration-less trees.  It’s so simple and easy just to plop a tree here and there and call it good.  I have no clue why I’m really not THAT Christmas-y this year, but I am struggling.  Maybe because I’ve had a case of the damn bird flu again.  When I have that, all of my energy is saved for coughing up my lungs.  And it takes me a few weeks to recoup my energy and grow a few new ones.  It was bad.  ????  I shared with you how I decorated the entryway last week.  I had the same concept there.  So without further ado, let’s get on with the show.



Christmas in the Master Bedroom

When we hung these old barn shutters as our headboard this past summer, I just knew what I wanted to do for Christmas.  Keeping it very simple, I added a few strands of white Christmas lights and since I am all for simple this year, it really didn’t take much effort at all.  I left the same greenery and pinecone wreaths I hung earlier because I think they will work perfectly through the Winter months.

The side tables are rather simple this season with some of my yellow ware bowl collections filled with more of the pinecones. I stuck with the same green pillows that I’ve had… I’m getting ready for a new fresh look but these worked perfectly for Christmas.  Maybe Spring will bring something new!

Mixing all the trees!

I have had so many questions regarding mixing different trees together and how to make it look right.  I’m no expert, but a forest has all different kinds of trees.  So, I mix green trees, flocked and iced trees all together.  I think it makes it look more interesting.  I have this little vintage grocery cart filled with different trees.  It makes perfect sense because it seems like every time I turn around one is jumping in my cart.

I love to hang wreaths on mirrors, chalkboards, and on the front of china cabinets.  I always think its such a simple way to add a little holiday to your room.  Accent on simple.  Literally this green and pinecone wreath is hanging on the knob.




Church Window turned Leaning Mirror

This is church window turned leaning mirror is still one of my favorite pieces we have repurposed.  Deb is still MEH about it.  ????????‍♀️  She even made the comment the other day, “We should sell that.”   I was like, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT…. DON’T YOU DARE.  ????????”   I wrapped more strands of white lights around my leaning mirror to make it really shine.  Adding white lights to anything is such a simple way to “holiday up” any space and so simple.  Again, remember, I’m all about simple this year.  #kindofagrinch

This look didn’t take me long at all.  Can you tell my theme is SIMPLE FOREST?  Accent on SIMPLE.  ????  Let me know in the comments below what you think of my look.  Or you can chat with me over on Facebook and Instagram.  I love hearing from you.



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