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Kitchen Shelves Decorated for Fall

This is something that I have been dying to do for so long now.  I decorated the shelves in the kitchen for spring and summer months ago.  For probably a month, I have been staring at those thinking how badly that I wanted to add all of my fall items to this area.  But dang, life has been crazy these days.  I finally took the time to do so.  Today, I am sharing our kitchen shelves decorated for fall.

Crazy Things have been Happening

I mentioned that life has been crazy these days.  Well, crazy isn’t really a strong enough word to use.  Ha!  Because it has been EXTRA crazy.  I remember years ago sharing in social media stories that weird things were happening in that particular time in our lives…. like very strange occurrences.   And, I also mentioned that I felt blah mentally and had no energy. Well, I had someone say that Mercury was in Retrograde which supposedly causes havoc.  I had no clue what the heck they were talking about.  At first, I didn’t believe anything like that could affect people.  However, since that first mention, I have noticed that when it happens, I am very much affected.  

I had absolutely no clue that Mercury was in Retrograde again until I mentioned that I had a sleep walking episode a few nights back.  I have never done that in my life.  And, the way it happened was so strange.  According to Deb, I got up around 12:30pm, said I was having a hot flash, walked over to the sliding door in our bedroom, unlocked and opened it.  That move triggered our alarm system to start blaring through the woods. I finally realized what was happening, but was so discombobulated that I didn’t know how to turn off the alarm.  It was the strangest feeling ever. I never want that to happen again.

A few hours before that, we were canning our tomatoes and I dumped a bunch down the front of me onto the floor, into my shoes, etc.  And, before THAT, we bought glass for our massive cabinet in the dining room.  We took the extra large piece of glass with us in the truck.  The watermelon rolled off onto that large piece and shattered all over the truck.  Ha!  These aren’t normal things that happen all in one week, let alone within a few hours of each other.

I didn’t believe in any of this until I started paying attention.  Even when the moon is full, I seem crazier. Ha! Do you believe in that?  Let me know in the comments.

OK, let’s get on to the kitchen shelves.  Because I could go on and on about how crazy these last few weeks have been around here.

Kitchen Shelves Decorated for Fall

Wood tones are mostly what I add to my whites when I want warmth, so that was my first task.  I used my antique spice box that I basically stole when I went to an antique mall last year. If you like those type of posts, I shared that haul here. 

I built this look around that and added some white vintage ironstone plates with an artificial pumpkin on top.  The textured planter (which I spray painted white) looks very fall-ish with the dried fluffy stems.  The silverware box that I found for $25 years ago holds random papers that usually wind up spread out all over our countertops.  So it works perfectly for that.  My favorite cake stand holds some of my favorite fall dishes that I just got this year.

Did you see the small gold metal bowls?  I found them at the thrift store a few weeks back.  I love them and wish there would have been more than three.  I’ve never seen anything like them.  The wooden salad spoon set looks cute randomly placed because I think the one piece looks like a leaf. 

Did you notice the big acorn?

That was a random find this year, as well.  I love how it brings a lot of texture to this area.  There must always be a lamp on my kitchen countertops.  This is a vintage one that I found at the 127 yard sales this past summer.  I added the vintage looking birthday candles in an old pitcher and added my fake eggs to a sponge ware bowl from my collection.  OH.. and how about these little paper mache jack-o-lanterns?  I sprinkled them around this area, too.  

My goal was to add a lot of warmth for fall using my wood items and I love how this turned out.  I only got one side of the range hood done so I will be sharing the other side soon.  Stay tuned for that.  And, if you want to see a video of this area, check out my reel that will be posted tonight. 

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  • Your space is beautiful, and it makes me excited for fall!! And yes, I believe the full moons and mercury in retrograde has everything to do with the craziness and the way people act. I am the store manager at a grocery store and I can tell by the way our associates and our customers act if it's a full moon or something else going on.

    • I truly believe it, because it is everyone right now! Everyone has been saying the exact same thing, and I am so ready for it to pass.

  • I absolutely LOVE that lamp!!!!!! And everything else along with it has come along to what I would consider PERFECTION.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this new home come together and it seems to have been built to truly cozy up for Fall. Can’t wait to see the entire house transitioned. The mantles will be fabulous I’m sure. Can you please link your vintage birthday candles again.

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