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The Doorknobs that We Chose for Our New Home

I shared the doorknobs that we chose for our new home over on social media stories.  And, I got SO MANY requests for links.  And, I can see why.  I think they are so dang pretty.  It has always been a goal of ours to build this house with very little to no maintenance.  We […]

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My Favorite Finds from QVC

This post is sponsored by QVC and ShopStyle Collective.   Well, here we are in the new year, 2023.  Can you believe it?  Something popped up on social media the other day that the 1970s were 50 years ago.  That seems unreal.  It more or less seems like they were about 20 years ago.  Let’s […]

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This Week's Antique Finds

Antique Finds

This Week’s Antique Finds

When Deb and I go visit my sister in North Carolina, our favorite thing to do is thrift and antique shop.  The last time I went to see her, we found several fun things.  I shared my haul with you, which is something that I do frequently. I love seeing what people find in their […]

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In-feed Inspiration – 5 Cozy Family Rooms

Several months ago, I thought about what I was going to do that was fun in the new year.  I wanted to do something different.  So, I put up a question box over on Instagram stories and asked for suggestions.  And, I got a lot of new ideas.  I also added a poll to my […]

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Antique Bar Stools and Brass Foot Railing

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Our Antique Bar Stools and Foot Railing

When we originally started planning our new home, I had this vision for our kitchen.  I wanted to use an old store counter and add some antique bar stools.  But I didn’t know where I would find 4 matching antique bar stools.  Long before our house was started, we visited my sister in North Carolina.  […]

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Woods and Whites Decor, entryway, antique cabinet

All Things Entryway & Stairway Landing

Woods and Whites Decor in our New Entryway

We are having a blast moving our antique furniture over here to the new house.  And, we are making it feel exactly like our home.  It’s funny.  I said the other day to Deb, “I can’t believe it.  This place is starting to look like our home.”  Deb said, “It is… and every time we […]

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DIY Soap dish, woods and whites decor


DIY Soap Dish

OK… I just think this is the cutest idea ever.  I saw someone else make this little soap dish over on Instagram and I had to try it out.  And, if you like quick little DIYs, you will love this, too.  I shared it on a reel during the blizzard last week, but I haven’t […]

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Shower Door with Gold Hardware - Deb and Danelle

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Our Bathroom Items for the New House

So many people have asked us where we found our bathroom items for the new house. We found several of our bathroom items on the Build with Ferguson website.   I had someone say, “Weren’t you overwhelmed making all of the choices for this new house?”  And, to be honest, I wasn’t.  Thank goodness… I am […]

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