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Electrical Must-Haves for a New Build

We are in the thick of our new build.  If you are new here, let me catch you up to speed.  We sold our old house to build on our land in September 2019.  And we moved to a rental for what we thought would be less than a year.  Well.. you know what happened in 2020.  The world shut down.  So… we put a halt on building because we didn’t know what the heck was going to happen.  Fast forward to the year mark in the rental.  We wanted out of the rental so bad and wanted to be here on our land.  The next best thing to do was to build a barn, aka The Woods and Ivy Cottage, and live in it until it was the right time to build our house.  The 40 x 48 barn will be Deb’s workshop, a place for storage, and a canning kitchen once we move to the house.  Fast forward another year, and here we are building our forever home.

I give updates on social media on the progress every day.  And, I will also be updating here shortly.  Anyway, the electrical walk-thru will be coming up very soon. So Deb and I want to be prepared for anything extra that we want.  I asked over on Instagram for electrical must-haves in a new-build, and I thought I would share here.  (Pin this post to save for later.)


Electrical Must-Haves for a New Build

You all came up with some BRILLIANT ideas.  We have the first one here in the cottage and it is a game changer.  You will never have your electric toothbrush on the counter to charge again.  And, it will never be out of a charge.  And, we are definitely doing the second one listed below.  I am going to have as many electrical outlets in the pantry that the electrician can do.


  • Electrical outlets inside bathroom vanities to charge toothbrushes
  • Several electrical outlets in the small kitchen appliance pantry
  • Dimmer switches on every ceiling light
  • Outlets with USB ports
  • Light switch by night stand to turn off overhead lights
  • Outlet on kitchen island
  • Outlets in closets for vacuums, etc
  • Outlets above kitchen cabinets with switch
  • Outlets by gutters on each side of the house for Christmas lights 
  • Inside switch for above Christmas lights
  • Outlets on every side of the exterior of the house 
  • Outlets in the floor for lamps
  • Outlets by the stair railing for Christmas lights
  • Outlets by each mantel
  • Outlets under porch roof for lights
  • Outlets under each window for Christmas candles
  • Outlets directly behind each bedroom side table
  • Hidden charging station in a kitchen drawer
  • Several outlets on porches
  • Outlets on all stairway landings
  • Outlet close to toilet for small night lights or bidet
  • Outlets on both sides of the front door
  • Outlet in linen closet for robot vacuum
  • Special Outlet in garage for future electric vehicle


The number one answer was MORE OUTLETS.  Just when you think you have enough, add more.  Because you never have enough.  That is our theory, too! 

I hope this list helps any of you who are building or remodeling.  Let me know in the comments if there are electrical must-haves that aren’t listed here.

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  • I wish I had asked for a four-plug outlet where our nightstands are. We have a lamp, an electric alarm clock, charger for phone/kindle/computer and often need to plug in a heating pad. So we currently have an extension cord to manage all of that or get a power strip (which I keep forgetting to do!) I forgot to suggest the floor outlets yesterday!!! We have an open floor plan, and they are a must, because we don't like to use overhead lighting to read by. We have two, both are double outlets, as all our seating "floats" away from any walls.

  • Linen closet lighting, not just outlets. . A pantry that has a door with an automatic on/off light, just like a refrigerator. Sensor lighting on the stairs. It helps at night.

  • With the USB outlets be extra cautious with what design you get because if you get the one with the USB between the outlets it’s useless if you have apple 🍎 products and have the big blocks to charge with.

  • Put outlets on the top of your mantles. That makes plugs easier to hide. If the outlets are on the sides they might not be covered depending on your decor.

  • I have never lived any place in which there were enough electrical outlets. I've even wished for outlets in the floors for floor lamps and was impressed the one time I was in France that the bedside sconces were wired in, which eliminated the need for outlets, at least for the lamps, and also eliminated ugly cords that are never totally hidden even with cord covers. Your planning is going to make everything so handy! I'm just as excited as you are, I think, to see your finished house.

  • Is your new build going extremely fast? It seems to be from what I can see here in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy watching the progress, you both must be over the moon with excitement! Best of luck.

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